Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Emerson Burkhart

Emerson Burkhart
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I picked up a book about the Columbus painter Emerson Burkhart last week. I picked it up because I liked this painting in the cover of the book. "American Provincial" is part of the collection of  the Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio. Oil on Canvas.

I intended to just look at the pictures and not do any reading....I got caught up in reading the essays about his career and how he never really fit into any of the "isms.". This was in part his own making. He didn't have good connections with an agent feeling he should promote his own work. This was not successful.

He painting many self portraits over his career. I like the color and texture of this painting. His ability to capture his various expressions was quick admirable.

I tweeted @ColumbusMuseum to ask if a different self portrait was going to be displayed after their renovation was completed. Here's the pic.  I got a response.
It won't be on display but "American Provincial" WILL be displayed so I can admire the work in person.

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