Wednesday, August 8, 2012

RIP my first UFO sweater

RIP my first UFO sweater by knittingbrow
RIP my first UFO sweater, a photo by knittingbrow on Flickr.

This is a picture of the first sweater I almost finished knitting. The color is perfect for me; however the fiber is not. It's mohair.

As a new knitter, I quickly acquired new yarns mostly because I enjoyed the colors and price. I found this yarn for $12/hank and purchased an obscene amount intending to knit many projects for friends. I didn't know how much I disliked knitting with mohair. It gets in my nose and is scratchy.

I finished all the pieces to this sweater fairly quickly after I started but never seemed it so I could finish the collar and start wearing it. I started it almost 10 years ago.

I've had the best intentions of finishing it but I haven't succeeded. It's time I let myself out of the obligation to finish the sweater. I'm going to use it for bedding for the dogs. They will love it!

And I can move on to completing other UFOs.


Kay in Albuquerque said...

Sometimes it takes a long time to be courageous and do what you know you really ought to do with a project that isn't working! Sometimes I have taken projects off the needles and caught the little stitch markers as they popped off. Sometimes the yarn could be used for other projects, sometimes not. Sometimes it had been a difficult problem and I simply couldn't figure out how to knit it or fix it no matter how often I tried (oh, lordy, the "Heere Be Dragone" shawl..), sometimes I'd had to fiddle with it so many times that the yarn was getting frayed and ugly, sometimes it was a wrong choice (I found that out about mohair too), and sometimes I looked at it and just plain hated it and wanted it to go away. So I made it go away. It is very liberating to discover that you are the boss of your knitting!

Cat Herself said...

Letting go of that old sense of obligation must have felt good! How are the dogs liking their bedding?