Wednesday, August 8, 2012

RIP my first UFO sweater

RIP my first UFO sweater by knittingbrow
RIP my first UFO sweater, a photo by knittingbrow on Flickr.

This is a picture of the first sweater I almost finished knitting. The color is perfect for me; however the fiber is not. It's mohair.

As a new knitter, I quickly acquired new yarns mostly because I enjoyed the colors and price. I found this yarn for $12/hank and purchased an obscene amount intending to knit many projects for friends. I didn't know how much I disliked knitting with mohair. It gets in my nose and is scratchy.

I finished all the pieces to this sweater fairly quickly after I started but never seemed it so I could finish the collar and start wearing it. I started it almost 10 years ago.

I've had the best intentions of finishing it but I haven't succeeded. It's time I let myself out of the obligation to finish the sweater. I'm going to use it for bedding for the dogs. They will love it!

And I can move on to completing other UFOs.