Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mike's Thorpe

I finished a hat for my brother Mike in January. It is the Thorpe Hat by Kristen Kapur. (ravelry link) I recommend the pattern.

Mike wanted a hat that covered his ears. This one does that! I snapped these photos of me wearing the hat. They aren't the best picture of me but I kinda look like my brother here. It's weird thinking I'll look like him when I'm his age.

Mike's Thorpe this picture shows the true color of the yarn. I think it is perfect for him.

Mike's Thorpe hat ear flaps turned up I'm wearing the flaps up in this picture.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Trisha Mitts completed!

Knit using the Berroco Jacoby pattern.

The yarn is Just Our Yarn Travelor (Ravelry link).

I thought I was knitting them using a US size 1 (or 2) but i was using two zeros and two ones. Ugh. I think they fit beautifully.

Modification: I extended the thumb to please the recipient. I wish I had trusted my instinct and put the thumb stitches on holders and knit them longer. Instead I had to pick up the bind-off edge and knit more ribbing. There were a total of 14 thumb stitches but I picked up 18 stitches to close the gap and to allow me to follow the 2x2 rib correctly.

I have some yarn left and will keep it to use when I knit with the other skein I bought at Maryland Sheep & Wool.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mary Ann Crago

I walk around the Visual Learning: Connecting Readers to Art display by a co-worker and great artist, Mary Ann Crago.
She has a blog I think you should visit. Go ahead and click the link. I'll wait but please come back.

What did you think? I am inspired by her process. I'm lucky because she encourages me to make some "art" and has recommended a few books to help overcome the blocks preventing me from creating. She might even be willing to trade a piece of her work for some of my knitting. That makes me feel really good and I believe she would value the knitting as much as I would value her art.

I have Mary Ann's permission to post the photos I have in a flickr set. Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What's Different?

What's different?What's different part 2?

Can you see what is different in these two pictures?

I'm not wearing my wedding band in the second photo. My 5 year relationship ended unexpectedly in December and the final move out happened Saturday. I feel very sad about this because I thought it was different than it was. I cannot say horrible things about knitSB and I wish him well. We'll still see each other because of the puppehs.

I spent Sunday cleansing, cleaning, and rearranging the house to help it feel different. It will take time to get all of it finished, mostly because I have big ideas and only little time with work.

The blogging/vlogging will resume as I have knitting to share. Go hug the ones you love. You never know when they won't be there.