Monday, September 28, 2009

Treasure Chest

treasure chest. 

Today, I made this 
treasure chest before
look like this
treasure chest progress
as part of my Props Master work on How I Became A Pirate. 

The fun really shows up when I fill it full of treasure!

Slipped Rib progress 1

Slipped Rib progress 1
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Knitting on the slipped rib scarf using handspun

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Handspun from Lofty Lou's

Handspun from Lofty Lou's
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these skeins are turning into the Slipped Rib Scarf

I'm enjoying the knitting and will post an "in progress" picture.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Darla learns to knit

Darla learns to knit
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I taught Darla to knit at Cup o' Joe on Friday night. I'm teaching her to knit continental. She's a natural knitter.


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After a long day, it's nice to have an excited greeting.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pirates Don't Tuck

Pirates Don't Tuck
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Here's an action photo of the cast for How I Became A Pirate rehearsing the song "Pirates Don't Tuck." It's the song about the kid who is a new pirate on a ship and misses the routine of being tucked in at bedtime. Their voices sound quite good together. 

We start working on the choreography on Tuesday. What will be fun is having the cast keep the great vocals going while moving around on stage. If you saw yesterday's post, there are quick pirate-y moves throughout the entire show. I smile a great deal while watching the work being done. It's a good script with wonderful songs being acted by talented actors under the brilliant direction by Nancy.

I am currently knitting a pirate hat for McGee. I'm about halfway finished with the simple K2 P2 hat. I'll definitely post a picture of the pirate with the hat. He's a ham and will provide a great pose for the blog. I'm having fun!  Thanks for reading about the show.      

Monday, September 14, 2009

How I Became A Pirate rehearsal

I love doing shows with TheaterNancy. She has her shows blocked before the auditions happen. The planning makes it easier for the cast and crew to learn what is supposed to happen and when early and gives us all a chance to have some fun! I took a video of, what I call, the soccer ball scene during rehearsal last night.

This show is going to be great!

Want details about HIBAP? Find them here.

Colonnade Shawl Progress 1

The new fall knitty is out.
It has the Colonnade Shawl pattern by Stephen West (aka westknits)
The pattern is a perfect fit for a gift for my favorite barista at work. We chatted about a knitted item for her last fall. I did buy the yarn but a gift never got made.

I cast on for the shawl on Saturday night. I made great progress on it while knitSB and I enjoyed Hetty Wainthropp Investigates. I'm using larger needles than called for in the pattern, size 13's and I'm pleased with how the knitting is going. The picture shows the progress as of Sunday morning.
Colonnade progress 1
My Ravelry project details can be found here.
I really like the colors together. I didn't have enough of the Shepherds Shades to complete the st st part of the pattern, so I just moved into using the Lamb's Pride Worsted. I'm holding Kidsilk Haze as I knit the shawl. I wanted to add a bit of "glow," warmth and softness to the shawl. I'm pleased how the color I used gives an overall tone to the shawl. There have been a few times when I've needed to drop down and pick up the Kidsilk Haze because I didn't complete the stitch with both yarns. It's been easy to complete on the st st.

We were watching another Hetty episode when I lost count of where I was on the pattern repeat. That will teach me not to put a sticky note somewhere on my working pattern. I missed an increase on one side of the center. I wasn't able to drop down and make the necessary corrections, so I frogged the work back to before the lace edging started. I never thought I would need a lifeline but I guess I did. The picture doesn't correctly show my progress after the frogging. I don't have any lace pattern now.

I should be able to get more of the knitting completed this week. I'll post some progress photos as I take them (or remember to take them.)

p.s. if you know my barista, don't let her know. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

8.4 and Counting

Non-knitting content. I thought I would post more things about daily life in my blog. Afterall, it is all about enjoying "your colorful loops of daily living.

I had a dr visit today. Actually it was with the nurse practitioner. It was one of my quarterly visits to discuss my diabetes care and to get my HA1c reading. Today's was a whopping 8.4. The goal is 6.0 or less. The closer I am to 6.0 the more likely I am to have fewer complications related to diabetes. I currently do not have any complications. :)

We spent about 15 minutes reviewing my readings and were not able to figure out a pattern to the readings that would lead to a good next adjustment to my insulin pump settings. I don't have a normal schedule and this makes it tough to monitor any variables to my treatment. I'm going to have to take more blood sugar readings (before a meal and 120 minutes after I start eating a meal) and stop eating 4 hours before I go to bed. :/ I sometimes eat dinner at 11:00 at night after I've gotten home from the days events. I'll be working with a new routine over the next several weeks. I hope it's NOT as much of a struggle as I fear.

If you are curious on how things are going with my investigation, leave a comment. I'll post updates periodically if there is interest.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eagle Lake, Tahoe

This video was filmed on location at the end of the walk hike to Eagle Lake. I included a panoramic view that we enjoyed as we sat and enjoyed the rewards of a good walk.

This hike is one of my favorites that I've taken while on vacation in the Tahoe area. The hike up took us about 1 hour and 15 minutes and the trip down, 45 minutes.

I did blog about the sock and knitting at the lake. You can find that post here. It gives details about the yarn and pattern.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Angie's Karius is all fini...(

Well, as much care as I take on my knitting, it happened.
Watch the video, it will all make sense.
And it has a happy ending, really.

The previous post about this project can be found here.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Karius Shawl Part 1

While on vacation, I did a lot of knitting. A few posts showed what I was knitting. I did complete some video blogging. This is the first vlog about the karius scarf that I was knitting for Angie.

My previous Karius post can be found here.

I purchased the yarn at ImagiKnit just outside the Castro District in San Francisco. I easily found ImagiKnit by using Knitmap, the online resource to find local yarn shops. I <3 Knitmap. It helped me find and get to three LYS's while on vacation. Check knitmap out.

That Makes Me Think.

Stephanie's post about her daughter.
Cat's post about her son.

These posts got me to pause and think (and call my mom, just to say "hi").
I've been thinking (too much) about getting older and how time is whirling by me faster than I can imagine.

When I look back, do I like what I see?
When I look forward, do I know where I'm going?

What's going on in my brain?

BTW: I'll be posting lots more photos and some vlogs this week. I'm back from vacation and now have access to my computer and the internet.