Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rainbow Stitch N Bitch

I went to the Stitch N Bitch at Stonewall Union tonight. There were 4 newish knitters there. We only knitted for an hour. I could have gone for more time working on my Tahoo Obi as I've come to call it.
What Columbus really needs is a group of men who can knit together. Of course, women would be welcome. It's time to increase our numbers or just get together an knit as a group! I think it would be fun.
Because it was only one hour, I only knit two rows. I did stop and help someone pick up some dropped stitches. I taught her to knit into the back of the stitch when the picked up stitch got put on the needle wrong. I also showed someone how to S a stitch purlwise and I1 by knitting into the front and back of a stitch.
I'm seeing Mom tomorrow and hope to get some knitting done while I'm there. It should be fun. I've not seen Mom for almost two months.

Monday, May 30, 2005

My Father

My Father

This is a copy of the Eulology I wrote for my father who died two years ago today. I thought I would copy it here.
In Dad's own words:
"I suppose you're all wondering why I called this meeting."
They say you can tell a lot about a person's life by how they die. Dad died holding the hand of loving wife, surrounded by a family who loves him beyond what words can say.
"Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking," Let me try to put some of this love into words so you can learn more about the man, Frank S***** or W***.
Dad had a fighting spirit. 12 years ago he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. At the time of his diagnosis, he was given 6 months to live. Well, that wasn't good enough for Dad. He learned quickly about cancer, becoming an expert and then sharing what he learned with his Doctors and others who also had cancer. The cancer opened him to sharing himself more freely. He showed his love a little more freely to his wife, 12 children, 30 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Not once did his humor leave him. In the hospital last week, Dad was still telling jokes, faking a heart attack, and making us laugh. His humor is a trait that he passed to his children. I know I cherish this trait.
I'd like to share a few of the values he taught his children:
Humility. Dad was humble about everything. He did nothing "extraordinary" in his mind. He shared his knowledge and talents generously. He helped people. He used his humor to divert attention from the praise heaped upon him.
Commitment. 55 years of marriage. That is a commitment! Providing for 12 children, that is a commitment. Being a husband, father, grandfather, and gros-pop sure takes a commitment. He wasn't perfect, but he did more than what was expected. I didn't grow up with everything I wanted, but I grew up with everything I needed. After all, "the best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." That he did! �and we love you too, Mom.
Love: Dad allowed everyone to be who he or she wanted to be. His love was unconditional. You could go to church or not go to church. Be a Ham or not be a Ham. It didn't change his love for you. He and Mom only wanted their children to be truly happy.
He was proud of all his children and grand children and supported them in everyway. In academic studies, sports, music, or scouts (2 are eagle scouts). 5 grandchildren have served our country in the military, one currently in Okinawa, and one in Kuwait.
His faith was strong. For as long as I can remember, Dad has gone on a yearly retreat. (A silent retreat at that!) Actually, he attended this retreat for 45 years. He always asked his sons to join him. He wanted to share his deep faith with his children. I never went to the retreats with Dad, but I always liked to hear about it and see the glow in his eyes afterwards. If you've have been around him when he was very excited about something, you recognize that glow.

Service: It's been awhile since Dad was on a School Board or helping with the Parrish Festival. He's been a member of the Knights of Columbus since 1954, a charter member. Perhaps most significant in his service to the Church was Dad's support of mom's involvement in the church. Active in the bereavement committee, CCD, and bible study, Mom enthusiastically participated. She was able to do this while many of his children were attending St. Chris. Dad's support of mom is a significant gift he gave to the church.
Indeed, he was proud of Mom (or Old What's Her Name) and the service she provided.
And we thank you Mom, for your loyal dedication to all of Dad's endeavors and for tolerating, as difficult as it was, all the "uncouth practices" he taught your grandchildren.

Strength: Dad was strong. Being in the navy required this. Being the father of 12 children required this. Being a successful businessman required this. He had strong control of his emotions. Still waters run deep. This strong control truly showed that he loved deeply. His deep love showed itself at the loss of his parents, brothers and close friends. These were the only times we saw Dad cry. This is a man who loved entirely and so completely that he cried deeply. I am moved by the memories.
Dad passed on to his children his strong work ethic. "A good days work for a day's pay." All of us have it, Dad. We hope to do you proud.
His fighting spirit will always be with us. Dad has moved to a higher place and he will always be accessible in our hearts. What legacy did he left behind? Look around you. This man has touched each of you. I hope you'll all pass that love to someone you come in contact with, everyday. Thank you for coming to celebrate the life of my Dad.
I'll end in Dad's words, "I'm glad you got to see me. Carry on."

Thursday, May 19, 2005

What Vivian Hoxbro Do You Have?

The RAINBOW Jacket in color 11, thanks for asking.
KnitMary was looking at the picture of my stash. Her keen eye immediately sees the kit and asked me about it via email. No, I've not started it yet. I don't know when I will start it to be honest. I bought it in November or end of last year because it was a good price and the colors are great and nice design and it is rainbow.
What are these things called? � *wondering*
I called Schoolhouse Press today because I wanted to make sure I understand the Surprise Jacket pattern. Guess who I got to talk too? You got it. The question about the pattern was passed to none other than Meg Swansen. She's so charming and enjoys having her designs appreciated. She answered all my questions so I can begin knitting on the sweater. (I really didn't want to make a mistake and frogging out the work. I happened to mention KnitMary's excitement of her yarn arrival ("UPS is a wonderful thing" KnitMary says). Meg gushed that KnitMary's idea to do the Celtic Swirl in natural colors is so good she wanted to knit another one for herself.
I'm meeting KnitMary on Saturday to see the yarn and then stop by the new shop. A report will be posted on Saturday.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

See? Knitters are fabulous

this email is from KnitMary, she gave me permission to post it here. I think this is a prime example of how nice knitters can be.
WOW, I called School House Press yesterday to find out about them kitting a sweater for me and was so suprised that Meg answered the phone. I know her voice from the video. She was so so sweet. I wanted a price for kitting the Celtic Swirl in Meg Swansen's Knitting and she gushed over me thanking ME for liking her design. She said it has not gotten a lot of attention. I think it's about the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I decided to make it in graduating shades of natural undyed sheep colors using their unspun icelandic. Now if I could only plan for 5 extra hours a day I'd be in great shape.

I had a great time knitting and chatting and swigging coffee with you. Especially meeting our new friend- we'll have to call him Preach til we get his real name. I was quite suprised to see my name on your blog. too cute. So now I'm knitMary and GrannyMary.

Off to Hat and Sole to find some Birks. My feet love summer.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Quick Stop and Surprise Help

I've been knitting on the Surprise Baby Jacket by EZ. I got to a certain point in the pattern and my brain started to short circuit. It didn't make sense. I'm supposed to bind off stitches and then continue to add them and knit extra ridges? So, I stopped by Knitter's Mercantile to ask Sallie for some help. Funny what she said. "Just do what it says and stop looking ahead." Okay, i'm thinking.... I might have to call School House Press and confirm what I think is being done. I hoped to have the jacket done by Sunday, but I'm thinking I'll enjoy working on it slowly.
I did finish the baby booties that are knitted out of the same yarn. I must admit, I didn't enjoy finishing those booties. All that easing of the toes and such. I like knitting in the round. Must find good bootie patterns knit in the round. Any suggestions? (really, I'd like to avoid ever knitting flat booties again)
I continue on the wonderful Blueberry Scarf out of Noro close to color 131. I went back and adjusted the needle size to a 9. A little better overall. It is a sturdy scarf and exactly what I needed, to be able to knit something without having to think but not be totally void of challenge. I was able to get the pattern down after the first skein. I like it.
I'm considering knitting a cotton t-shirt for summer. I'm thinking of knitting it in the round and making it a yoke pattern. Something light, slightly oversized and comfortable. Of course, it would need to be in a good color. I have skeins of some cotton classic yarn, but probably not quite enough. Must avoid buying more yarn, must avoid buying more yarn, must avoid....
I did stop at the Yarn Shop two Saturdays ago and looked at some yarn there. She didn't have enough in stock for me and was going to order more. I've not heard back. Not a good sign, really. On a good note, they've expanded their first store. I've not been in awhile. I'll have to correct this in the future.
Seems like a new shop has opened. Heavenly Creations, LLC Yarn & Fiber Shop. I'll have to stop by. Care to join me KnitMary?
Speaking of KnitMary, she had a great experience talking to School House Press! She actually got to talk to Meg. I'll have to ask KnitMary if I can post her email.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Knitting with KnitMary

I got home last night after an enjoyable day with Lady Julie and Abby and popped on the computer. I saw "KnitMary" as I call her on AIM. We chatted and she wanted to go out and knit. I'm all over that and immediately agree as I enjoy spending time with her and knitting. We went to caribou in UA. They close at 11:00 so we had an hour there to enjoy coffee and each other's company. There was this young man across from us trying to read, but when you get KnitMary and me together, topics run the gammet. I saw him looking our way and smiling. So I say to him "What you studying?" as he was looking at flash cards. "Greek, but your conversation seems to be more interesting." I tell him to join us!
He is studying at a local bible college and was waiting for his girlfriend to finish babysitting as they were heading to a party at the "brick house" on campus. He glances at my Opinionated Knitter and wondered about that. KnitMary and I catch him up on EZ and then start quizing him on his greek. He's got to pass to keep his graded up.
Meanwhile, we're justing knitting away. KnitMary is working on a bag out of leftover yarns. She's going to felt it when finished. Colors are very nice and it should be useful as well. I'm working on the Surprise Baby Jacket.
The kid's girlfriend shows up and is a little freaked that he's sitting with two strangers. She's nice and polite and we chat for a little longer. They head off to the Brick house. Then the coffee shop turns out their lights on us. We still want to knit and chat and head for Cup 'O Joe for more of both. We were ther until after midnight and headed home.
Lots of knitting accomplished. I got past the adding 10 sts row so I'm more than half finished with the Surprise Baby Jacket. Mary got about a row and half of colors knit...almost two inches.
Fun times had by all!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I don't think so

I'm searching the net for good pattern ideas for N cubed's prize. I thought it good to send her ideas so she can select a design. .....
anyhow. I came across this. I will notknit these for my friends. (well, maybe if my mood is right and it would turn your face red!)
got any interesting pattern ideas for N cubed's prize?

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

And the winner is....

and the winner is....

N cubed. A variation of her "Knitted Brow".
I'll be in contact with her to discuss her hand knit scarf.
Now...if I can just put together a new banner at the top that is exciting. I wonder what abby would barter to make my banner?

Monday, May 9, 2005

Surprise Jacket and Weekend Update

The casting on of the Suprise Baby Sweater went fine and I've knit about 22 garder ridges. A picture wouldn't be much fun right now as all you'll see is garter stitch *yawn*.
I've continued on the Bluberry Scarf in Noro but on size 9 needles. I'm happy with the color wave and the feel of the fabric. I began the second skein yesterday. A picture will be posted soon.
Friday had a great lunch with highschool friend scOtt at Panera. Four hours flew by! We should do this again!
Worked on Saturday and went to learn to play Mah Jongg at Mike's house with Lady Julie and Jeff. We decided not to play Mah Jongg and enjoy company wallowing. Good food and excellent company was enjoyed. Watched Down with Love which I thought was fun.
Sunday was quiet and allowed me to spend time on taking care of myself and my yard.

Sunday, May 8, 2005

Laundry Day

If there is one thing that makes laundry fun, it is this. How to Fold a Shirt This made it around the internet several months back. It works! I think the Gap may be able to learn something from this.

Casting on a Baby Surprise Jacket

Have you knit one of these? (bottom of the page) Got any suggestions that might be helpful? I've swatched it out and will be using Blu Jeans Indigo Cotton Yarn. I bought lots of the yarn very inexpensively when I first started to knit for about $2.00 per skein. The colors go well with the baby's room and will fit him when he needs it most. I also made booties out of the same yarn but expect his feet will be too large to wear them at the same time.
I might even be able to knit something for myself out of this yarn, especiallyl nice for stash depletion.

Thursday, May 5, 2005

When It Hurts Enough

Perhaps you've heard the saying "people change: when it hurts enough, when they learn enough, when they want enough." This is a terrible translation of something on Chris' filing cabinet at work.
Today (well, yesterday at 11:57 p.m.) it hurts enough. I said outloud as I was reading information for a meeting "I don't want to do this anymore." As I held back the tears, I put myself in check. Having seen What the Bleep 6 times and from personal experience, I know that words can misdirect our intentions and lead us to off track areas. So I clarified. What I don't want to do anymore is struggle with all this pressure and discomfort. Speed of activity and misdirected attentions really spin me out of control.
My job has provided me excellent learning experiences:

    training people hiring people customer contact problem resolution excellent benefits fair treatment as an employee access to vast amounts of information great friends
Time as come for me to be able to do these things at the expected speed of light while being able to provide metrics of results. The learning of moving at the speed of light, developing correct methods of metrics and focusing on appropriate results (without always getting support from my supervisor) gives ample opportunity for growth. Focusing on tasks is a skill I'm successfully learning. Limiting distractions also brings more opportunities. I wish I had learned this earlier in life, but so be it. :)

This made me laugh outloud

Laugh with me or am I just sick.

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Blueberry Scarf in Noro

I've been swatching for a new project. I'm itching for something on the somewhat challenging but meditative to knit using yarn from my stash.
I've done two swatches for this pattern from the book the Little Box of Scarves I received for Christmas 2005. (fun little book, it actually has about 5 scarves that I would consider knitting). The first swatch didn't work well because I cast on too many sts. I had 43 sts going and the scarf was just too wide. Now I'm using the 27 sts, which is a nice size, but the feel isn't very appealing. I'm using Noro Kuryeon on one size too small of needles. My color is 32, which is discontinued. The feel of the yarn is tight and I'm afraid that the yarn won't soften up and be cuddly when it's on.
I may just need to change yarns (or needle size for that matter). I've been using the yarn for a Elizabeth Zimmermann Ribwarmer pattern but haven't gone back to the design in awhile. And I've gotten the "Ribwarmer" revisted that gives a few more options. I sense frogging in my future, don't you?
What do you suggest I knit?
A few more suggestions for "Name My Blog" have arrived from Abby. Soul Skein and Me & Hue. Both very nice. What did you suggest? Remember, the prize...a hand knit scarf!

Monday, May 2, 2005

Finished Basket Weave

You read it right. A Finished Object. The basketweave bamboo scarf for Joanne is done. Actually, it's being blocked as I type. Once it is dry, it get's mailed. :)
The pattern was a good knit and the needles I used (my Lantern Moon) were delightful.

Sunday, May 1, 2005


I went to the Beltane celebration today. It was fun. I enjoyed myself.
I come home and ate some cottage cheese and now feel lethargic. Is it the dairy?
I finished the bamboo basket weave scarf! I'll be taking pictures of it this week and then I'll need to send it off to Joanne!