Sunday, May 15, 2005

Knitting with KnitMary

I got home last night after an enjoyable day with Lady Julie and Abby and popped on the computer. I saw "KnitMary" as I call her on AIM. We chatted and she wanted to go out and knit. I'm all over that and immediately agree as I enjoy spending time with her and knitting. We went to caribou in UA. They close at 11:00 so we had an hour there to enjoy coffee and each other's company. There was this young man across from us trying to read, but when you get KnitMary and me together, topics run the gammet. I saw him looking our way and smiling. So I say to him "What you studying?" as he was looking at flash cards. "Greek, but your conversation seems to be more interesting." I tell him to join us!
He is studying at a local bible college and was waiting for his girlfriend to finish babysitting as they were heading to a party at the "brick house" on campus. He glances at my Opinionated Knitter and wondered about that. KnitMary and I catch him up on EZ and then start quizing him on his greek. He's got to pass to keep his graded up.
Meanwhile, we're justing knitting away. KnitMary is working on a bag out of leftover yarns. She's going to felt it when finished. Colors are very nice and it should be useful as well. I'm working on the Surprise Baby Jacket.
The kid's girlfriend shows up and is a little freaked that he's sitting with two strangers. She's nice and polite and we chat for a little longer. They head off to the Brick house. Then the coffee shop turns out their lights on us. We still want to knit and chat and head for Cup 'O Joe for more of both. We were ther until after midnight and headed home.
Lots of knitting accomplished. I got past the adding 10 sts row so I'm more than half finished with the Surprise Baby Jacket. Mary got about a row and half of colors knit...almost two inches.
Fun times had by all!

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