Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rainbow Stitch N Bitch

I went to the Stitch N Bitch at Stonewall Union tonight. There were 4 newish knitters there. We only knitted for an hour. I could have gone for more time working on my Tahoo Obi as I've come to call it.
What Columbus really needs is a group of men who can knit together. Of course, women would be welcome. It's time to increase our numbers or just get together an knit as a group! I think it would be fun.
Because it was only one hour, I only knit two rows. I did stop and help someone pick up some dropped stitches. I taught her to knit into the back of the stitch when the picked up stitch got put on the needle wrong. I also showed someone how to S a stitch purlwise and I1 by knitting into the front and back of a stitch.
I'm seeing Mom tomorrow and hope to get some knitting done while I'm there. It should be fun. I've not seen Mom for almost two months.

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