Monday, August 29, 2011

Dressed for stage and screen

Saturday I traveled to see the Katharine Hepburn "Dressed for Stage and Screen" exhibit at Kent State's Museum. My BFF Songferret suggested we see the exhibit and I was glad we went.

I have forgotten how much i enjoy fashion design, especially those details that make a garment extra special. The waistband back that is open at the top:

Securing a pocket with extra stitching details so they don't pull:

Selecting the perfect button to sew on the outside of a quilted waistband:

and the practicality of two smaller buttons so the waistband lays flat:

Katharine had a small waist She wore a lot of plants/slacks/trousers How they displayed some of these slacks were pleasing to me and I snapped this picture.

Those are all made of wool.

There were a few other exhibits on display that we viewed. We had lunch at a local greek place, shopped (I bought another knitting bag & 2 knitting tackle bags...don't tell DH) and drove casually home (via the lodi outlet mall.)

Overall, it was a long drive for a smaller exhibits than I expected but still an enjoyable day. Spending BFF time is always fun!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcake Sandwich

What you are seeing in this image is my celebration of completing my sock knitting. This, dear readers, is a red velvet cupcake sandwich.

To make your own cupcake sandwich, simply locate a cupcake topped with a nice layer of icing. After you remove the paper lining, separate the cupcake horizontally across the cake portion. Take the bottom half of the cake and place on top of the icing. Ta-dah! Consume slowly with a cup of coffee while chatting with friends about knitting.

I'll snap photos of the gift socks so I can update Ravelry next week. I hope the sock fit the recipient. Details coming.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Weekend Show & Socks

Ever get a great idea for a hand knitted gift and wonder if you have enough time to complete them? What am i thinking? Of course you have. MMC helped me decide what type of socks I could knit for NS as a thank you. I didn't know NS's shoe size but understood he had small feet. I decided on a brightly colored yarn in a heavier weight yarn so I could finish the pair in a week.
The yarn is Interlacements Yarns Toasty Toes in a bright colors from the Interactive Sock Gang back in 2006(?).

I love knitting with this yarn on US size 3 DPNs. I have more Toasty Toes in stash and I will be knitting it up soon in vanilla socks. I think the colors do all the work for me.

I did my gauge swatch and found I'm knitting at 6 sts/inch. I'm using (Saint) Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns for the standard sock pattern. I found out the person has a size 6 1/2 to 7 shoe size and adjusted my knitting accordingly. By Sunday afternoon, I had finished the leg portion and started the heel flap.

Sunday I saw Jersey Boys on its national tour. I thought the show was enjoyable. I snapped this photo of the stage when we arrived early.

I was picking up the gusset sts as the show started

As of Monday night, the gussets have been knit. I think this is great progress. I will get these socks completed by Thursday night so I can gift them on Friday.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Burn, Baby Burn

Burn, Baby Burn by knittingbrow
Burn, Baby Burn, a photo by knittingbrow on Flickr.

Every year during the Boys Fijing trip, over to start and tend to the burn pile. This year was no exception. There was a nice burn pile gathered and I started it only with a match rather than the roman candle. Less dramatic but still effective.

I'll post additional picture and video later to give you a complete experience. What I liked this year was that we sat around the fire (although not that close because it was really a hot fire) and chatted for about an hour and a half. It is the stuff that makes great memories.

I like my brothers.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Knitting "Tackle"

I spent the day organizing my knitting "tackle" and have 10 standard tackle kits to put in each of my knitting bags.
The podcast for the idea about using size 10 crochet thread is Knitting Pipeline.  I enjoy it. My previous blog post about my obsession.

My Standard Knitting Tackle
The contents of my standard knitting tackle includes: (seek & find) scissors, knit chek, zipper pouch with coiless safety pins and stitch markers, bread ties, tape measure, sweetener, sticky notes, crochet hooks in two sizes (one large, one small), writing utensil, tapestry needles (blunt and sharp), and crochet thread (size 10 for lifelines in two colors). I also have a notebook for sketches or notes as I knit.

What's in your standard knitting tackle? I'd like to know.

I vlogged about this process on knitrific if you'd like to see what that was like.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Knitting Tackle

(oops. I made a mistake and this content got posted twice. I'm keeping both posted since there are great comments....I am changing the date of this post so you can see both posts...the videos are the same.)
I spend the day organizing my knitting "tackle" and have 10 standard tackle kits to put in each of my knitting bags.

The podcast that gave me the idea to use the crochet thread for life lines is Knitting Pipeline.  I like the podcast. I suggest giving it a listen.
The previous post about my coiless safety pin obsession.

My Standard Knitting Tackle
My standard tackle includes:
Scissors, crochet hooks (2 sizes, one large, one small), Susan Bates Knit Check (for gauge swatch checking and needle gauge), a pouch with coiless safety pins hanging on the outside.
Tape measure,  sticky notes, sweetener, size 10 crochet thread for lifelines, needles (blunt and sharp), writing utensil, bread ties.

What do you consider your standard knitting tackle?

I have an addiction

I have an addiction by knittingbrow
I have an addiction, a photo by knittingbrow on Flickr.

for stitch markers. Not just any stitch markers, coiless safety pins. I look for them in the jewelry findings sections to get them when they are on sale.

This picture shows that I'm well-stocked in coiless pins. That is until I cast-on every.single.skein of yarn from my stash. I might need to rush out and get a few more packages, just in case.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cast-On Review (a love letter to Brenda)

I started this blog post 7/24/2009. I just saw a tweet from Brenda that Cast-on episode 100 is DONE! I thought it appropriate to finish it and get it up in honor of the 100th episode.

I recently had to rebuild my iTunes library (back in 2009). During this adventure, all my podcasts were reloaded on my iPod. I decided that I would listen to these archived 'casts while I was on the Boy's Fishing Trip. It was like chatting with a long-time friend. 

The second podcast that I started listening to is Cast-On with Brenda Dayne. The first was KnitCast with Marie Irshad. I miss Marie's podcast. Brenda's comfort talking and sharing her ideas makes me want to travel to Wales and have a cup of tea with her, knit and go out and watercolor together. 

A Knitter's Manifesto - Artist's Edition CD is available and has been requested as my one Holiday gift for 2011. DH asked what the KM was all about. I thought I'd vlog about it so everyone who reads understands why I want a copy. He told me not to buy a copy of it so my fingers are crossed.

Thanks, Brenda.  I'm looking forward to the next 100 episodes.

Lopi Sweater Redux

After finishing the Tahoe Vest, I picked this Lopi Sweater back up to spend some time on figuring out the next steps so I could finish the last 40-some-odd rows of the yoke and call this a finished object.  Lopi Sweater troubles happened on a fishing trip back in 2007.  I blogged about them here if you'd like to see what happened.  I'll wait here, you go look. It's been 4 years and one week since I put this sweater away. I pulled the project out of the bag and reviewed the pattern notes. 

Lopi Sweater notes
I had lots of notes and working copies. I did have one very important piece of paper, an enlarged copy of the chart filled with handwritten notes. On the top of this page, I wrote these notes:
Lopi Sweater Notes Detail
I'm glad I remembered to do this. This was a great idea from my former pattern design and fashion construction professor in college. "If you understand the mistake you've made, take notes about it so you know were you left off when you go back to the design." 
As I reviewed the notes, I realized where the problem occurred.  I had two different pattern instructions with me and was referring to the wrong sections.  I've since removed the non-essential pattern so I can use the proper pattern.

Tonight, I pulled out the knitted 16 yoke rows and put all the stitches back on the needle.  I will count the total stitches so I can work the pattern properly. 

The pattern is #5 from the Reynolds Lopi 82228, Fashions Inspired by Tradition pamphlet. (rav link) The Ravelry link to my project is here. I read on Ravelry this is a very loose sweater.

Now I'm thinking I'd like to make this into a cardigan.  I wonder if I can do this without frogging.  I think I can and will review my design options. I'll be using steeks again. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tahoe Vest Completed!

Hooray!  It's finished!

I used a handspun yarn I purchased at Lofty Lou's in Placerville, California and a purple yarn that reminds me of Silky Wool (held two strands together).

I blogged about this vest previously here and here and maybe here where I reference this item as the Placerville Vest.

Thanks for the great video on the bind-off from KNITFreedom.

Here's a picture of some of the ends I had to run in.
Tahoe Vest ProgressTahoe Vest Progress Tahoe Vest Progress
And the finished object!
Tahoe Vest Progress

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wizard's Yard Sale

I had an opportunity to go to the opening of the Wizard's Yard Sale exhibit at the Starbrick Gallery in Nelsonville, Ohio.Gallery Announcement
(click to embiggen the image and be sure to read his bio. He really does have a fondness for cookies. )

Here's the Wizard's Chair where he does all his creating.
Wizard's Chair
I love this chair and I'm surprised at how comfortable it is to sit in.  If I had this chair, I promise I would use my powers for Good, not Evil.  :)

I spotted these cupboards and fell in love.  I think they would perfectly flank a bathroom mirror. 
CupboardsCupboards Open

It was a lovely time driving down with Lady Julie and Songferret. Got to have dinner with Trixie and enjoy each others company.  Paul gave me a necklace he made from waxed linen. It's lovely and knitSB is a bit jealous. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tahoe Vest Steeks

Hooray! I completed the crochet part of the crocheted steek last night. It went well once I added the light yellow yarn to guide me. It took two incorrect attempts before if put in the guide yarn. I may be a slower learner but I'm happy with the result. Steek cutting will happen this afternoon in full sunlight so I can see and I'm not tired. Steek cutting when tired is not recommended. Let's not talk about that.

Sweaters from Camp published by Schoolhouse Press is out of print. 
Jared Flood's Alberta vest pattern is available on the BrooklynTweed.net website. Here's the ravelry link.
TECHknitting blog post and 2X2 version by Revknits

And I invite you to watch me cut the neckline steek, if you're so inclined.  What I want to know is if you cringed when I cut into the knitting.  Did you?

I don't have US size 8 16" circular needles to use!  Looks like I'll have to use the magic loop method. Ack!

Tahoe Vest Update

This is a vest I've been working on for 4 years.  I've lost the pattern notes and I'm using the Elizabeth Percentage System as the pattern basics. But I've lost my pattern notes and years have past so I'm taking stock of my progress and moving forward. I think all that's left is joining the sleeves and accomplishing the steeks. To finish, I need to put the edging on the armholes and the v-neck. Progress report later. I am using the Alberta pattern by Jared Flood as my help.

I shared my knitting with Cat on knitrific.

Friday, August 5, 2011

iPod Surgery

Three weeks back I dropped my iPod. It hit facedown from about 4 feet.

Once I started breathing,
I tried to get it to start working. It didn't work. I got a blank, white screen. And I continue to have the blank, white screen even after I've reset the device following the Apple recommended guidelines (probably 30 times).

I've come to terms that my 5 year old 60 GB iPod classic is gone and won't be replaced for awhile. I'm making other accommodations to cope.

I decided to explore the inside of an iPod.

After pulling it apart, my brother suggested that the LCD screen may not be the problem. It could be the hard drive. He is getting an adapter to check.

This might not fix anything but it is fun to play. Anyone have ideas on what creative thing I could do with a busted iPod?

Test knitting a beta pattern

I'm test knitting a beta version of the Arch-enemy sock pattern by yarmando. It's a good pattern and I'm making notes for suggestions. I was knitting last night in the back of the truck while using my headlamp so I could see. I snapped this photo of what it looked like I was working last night.
Arch-enemy beta knitting

Here's the instep progress.Arch-enemy beta knitting

Here's the progress on the sole. Arch-enemy beta knitting