Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tahoe Vest Steeks

Hooray! I completed the crochet part of the crocheted steek last night. It went well once I added the light yellow yarn to guide me. It took two incorrect attempts before if put in the guide yarn. I may be a slower learner but I'm happy with the result. Steek cutting will happen this afternoon in full sunlight so I can see and I'm not tired. Steek cutting when tired is not recommended. Let's not talk about that.

Sweaters from Camp published by Schoolhouse Press is out of print. 
Jared Flood's Alberta vest pattern is available on the BrooklynTweed.net website. Here's the ravelry link.
TECHknitting blog post and 2X2 version by Revknits

And I invite you to watch me cut the neckline steek, if you're so inclined.  What I want to know is if you cringed when I cut into the knitting.  Did you?

I don't have US size 8 16" circular needles to use!  Looks like I'll have to use the magic loop method. Ack!

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