Thursday, August 11, 2011

Knitting Tackle

(oops. I made a mistake and this content got posted twice. I'm keeping both posted since there are great comments....I am changing the date of this post so you can see both posts...the videos are the same.)
I spend the day organizing my knitting "tackle" and have 10 standard tackle kits to put in each of my knitting bags.

The podcast that gave me the idea to use the crochet thread for life lines is Knitting Pipeline.  I like the podcast. I suggest giving it a listen.
The previous post about my coiless safety pin obsession.

My Standard Knitting Tackle
My standard tackle includes:
Scissors, crochet hooks (2 sizes, one large, one small), Susan Bates Knit Check (for gauge swatch checking and needle gauge), a pouch with coiless safety pins hanging on the outside.
Tape measure,  sticky notes, sweetener, size 10 crochet thread for lifelines, needles (blunt and sharp), writing utensil, bread ties.

What do you consider your standard knitting tackle?


Deb said...

What a great post. Thanks for sharing. I have lots of stitch markers in my knitting pouch & I also have row counters.

Can you please tell us where to find the study plastic pouches that you use? The one...and I only have 1 was given to me & I love it.

knittingbrow said...

Thanks Deb.
I found the plastic pouches last year during school shopping in the Target $1 area. I'd like to find more of them, but I've been unable to locate them.

revknits said...

I have a "master tool kit" that stays at home, and only a couple of "travel kits" (very light and small) which consist of

folding scissors, crochet fix it hook on ring, tapestry needle, a couple of stitch markers, measuring tape (retractable or folding) and cheapo nylon yarn that is for lifelines.

suezeeknits said...

Gerald!! You did a video. It's so great to hear from you. Love that giraffe in the background!
Oh heck no I'm not that organized and when I do travel it's usually by plane to IL from Vancouver BC and they don't allow scissors so I have to be careful what I pack.
I'm usually forever in the security check but only because I usually have way too many gadgets like laptop, iPod, cell phone,'s nuts! lol