Sunday, August 14, 2011

Burn, Baby Burn

Burn, Baby Burn by knittingbrow
Burn, Baby Burn, a photo by knittingbrow on Flickr.

Every year during the Boys Fijing trip, over to start and tend to the burn pile. This year was no exception. There was a nice burn pile gathered and I started it only with a match rather than the roman candle. Less dramatic but still effective.

I'll post additional picture and video later to give you a complete experience. What I liked this year was that we sat around the fire (although not that close because it was really a hot fire) and chatted for about an hour and a half. It is the stuff that makes great memories.

I like my brothers.


Joanne said...

I like them too! :-)

Cat said...

I love campfires. Woodsmoke is one of my favorite scents.