Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cast-On Review (a love letter to Brenda)

I started this blog post 7/24/2009. I just saw a tweet from Brenda that Cast-on episode 100 is DONE! I thought it appropriate to finish it and get it up in honor of the 100th episode.

I recently had to rebuild my iTunes library (back in 2009). During this adventure, all my podcasts were reloaded on my iPod. I decided that I would listen to these archived 'casts while I was on the Boy's Fishing Trip. It was like chatting with a long-time friend. 

The second podcast that I started listening to is Cast-On with Brenda Dayne. The first was KnitCast with Marie Irshad. I miss Marie's podcast. Brenda's comfort talking and sharing her ideas makes me want to travel to Wales and have a cup of tea with her, knit and go out and watercolor together. 

A Knitter's Manifesto - Artist's Edition CD is available and has been requested as my one Holiday gift for 2011. DH asked what the KM was all about. I thought I'd vlog about it so everyone who reads understands why I want a copy. He told me not to buy a copy of it so my fingers are crossed.

Thanks, Brenda.  I'm looking forward to the next 100 episodes.


revknits said...

Just found your blog, and am enjoying reading it. Great vest,and I know that store Lofty Lou's - I try to get to it when I head to Tahoe (missed this last visit).

I'm a Brenda fan as well!

suezeeknits said...

I hadn't realized I'd missed a few of your posts. So sorry. I try to keep up but don't always comment. I love Brenda too. I think her podcast and the letsknit2gether podcast were the first ones I ever listened to/watched.