Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Scarf This!

I'm working on a pattern for a class that I'm teaching at my LYS. I have been knitting up a sample for the pattern and don't know which direction to go with it.

So, I present some questions:
  1. Do you like a variety of options in patterns? Say I have 4 options of how to knit a particular pattern and write it up all on the same pattern, would that confuse you?
  2. a scarf in stockinette stitch or garter stitch with a st st edge (to help prevent curling)?
  3. When reading a pattern, it is helpful to have suggestions for yarns. Do you mind color suggestions? This design is going to depend on the yarn choice and the unexpected difference in color selection.
  4. How can I help people feel comfortable getting outside of their zone for the colors?
Vague questions, aren't they? Suggestions are appreciated.
I'm thinking of using Cider Moon or Jitterbug or Tiny Toes. They all are beautiful, aren't they?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Yarn Update

Only a few days ago, Micah asked me which yarn I purchased when knitSB and I took the Monday I had off to explore some other LYS's.

Here we have knitSB holding the new Regia sock yarn designed by Kaffe Fassett. I got two of each color and plan on making jaywalkers. I'll make the larger size because that's what I've heard is needed. They are tight. Have you knit them? Please advise on the size!

Regia Kaffe Fassett

We also picked up some Shi Bui sock yarn in these nice colors.
Shi Bui Sock Yarn

The solid is for knitSB and the other for me.

So, any other questions?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Chevron Scarf

Chevron Scarf
Originally uploaded by knittingbrow
Well, this is what I've been knitting for about 4 weeks. It is the Chevron Knitted Scarf from Joelle Hoverson's "Last-Minute Knitted Gifts." A quaint pattern and quite easy to knit.

This is for my MIL. Made using Silky Wool that knit SB and I dyed. The yarn feels good and looks great too! I used size 5 needles. The rhythm of the pattern was enjoyable. Switching colors every two rows made it easy to keep track of where I was in the pattern repeat.

I'm starting another scarf using Jitterbug. It is my own pattern variation on the feather and fan. I will be teaching a class on it at my LYS.

knitSB, Songferret and I went to see San Francisco at the CAPA Summer Movie Series. Songferret described it as one of the first disaster films ever made. it was pretty incredible. You should go to your local library and borrow it now. I thought knitSB was really interested in seeing the movie. However, what he meant was that he wanted to go to San Francisco. Made me laugh and I appreciated seeing it.

Current knitting is the new scarf.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Various Links

I've been finding some interesting sites of various interest that I wanted to shared. Only two of them knitting related.

Top 100 Tools for Learning This is an interesting site that I found at work. Made me go "hmmmm."
Broadway Beat Referenced during a knit gathering. Not a site for young viewers.
The Institute for Figuring This was floating around the net a few months back. Interesting, I thought.
Unclutterer I need this.
43 Folders For those of us who really like Getting Things Done.
Playbill Show Listings: London Anyone going to England in a few months?
Kent's Craft and the Moss Stitch Beret A nice pattern and a good photograph.
Interactive Sock Gang Way cool options with great yarn. Spread the word.
knitSB, Simpsonized.
DigitalGunfire The site for streaming industrial music on the net.
Stephanie Rond Artwork. Currently has a display until end of the August 2007. Reviewed here.

I have been knitting. Really. I should post a picture next time to prove it!

BF2007 Fire (Boys Fishing 2007: adventure in flames)

There has been some interest in the non-fishing activity on the recent vacation with my brothers. So I give you the Photo Adventure in Flames:

The second oldest gathers brush, fallen trees and general wood into a pile, waiting for the youngest (and favored) son.
BF 2007 Wood Pile
After several hours of planning and "preparation," the youngest (and favored) son ignites the fire in the special ceremony.
Starting the Fire
And so, the wood pile ignites and turns into flames, much the same way that the youngest (and favored) son did when he first realized he was so "happy."
Fire Ignites
As joy filled the heart of the youngest (and favored) son, dancing ensues.
Fire Dance
Happiness can be seen, reality style.
Reality Style flames 1
The dancing invigorates so much joy in the fire, that it dances a mighty dance. So much excitement is created that the close by trees decide to join in and leaves "burst into flames."
High flames
Alas, time goes by and the flaming settles into a comfortable goal, much as when the youngest (and favored) son did as he got older.
Fire relaxing
After more time, the fire relaxes into the comfortable flaming, much as the youngest (and favored) son has.
Embers glowing
The next day, the fire has burned and needs assistance in regrouping. So the youngest (and favored) son gets his "butch" out and uses a tractor to assist.
Tractor 2
Daylight brings evidence of the evening celebration, reminding the youngest (and favored) son of his younger days in college.
After fire
Damaged has been limited and will simple rejuvenate the natural surroundings, the way nature intended.
The day after
So ends the adventure in flames. Until next year. :)
Sunset on Lake Huron

Brand New Knitter

On Monday night, I had a great opportunity to teach a person how to knit! 

Of course, I taught him continental knitting.  I gave him the choice.  He could knit just like his partner or he could knit faster than his partner.  *grin* He picked to knit faster. 

He seemed to pick it up quickly.  The yarn that was selected for him was Ara by Dale of Norway (I believe).  Not the best yarn to learn to knit with but it was available and he seemed to catch on.  I am hopeful that they go pick up a smoother yarn but it's not required. 

KnitMary seems to think that I'm not updating my blog enough.  That may be true in the knit blogging world.  I don't post everyday.  At least I've posted since April, right KnitMary?  *grin*

I'll be adding some pictures to the flickr account for my fishing trip with my brothers.  A great time was had by all! 

On my knitting news, I'm excited to get my chevron scarf off the needles.  It's for my MIL using silky wool yarn that knitSB and I dyed.  The end result is nice and I'm wanting to do different knitting AND get things off the needles.  I'm avoiding casting on something new without getting things done.  I'm certain you understand, don't you? 

I'm also working on two at once on one circular needle socks for a friend that was promised these socks during 2006 National Road Tour. I'm ready to start increasing for the gussets.  That shouldn't be hard.  I am using a pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks book.  It has YOs and could almost be called lace.  Not not really. 

Speaking of socks....Have you gotten your copy of the New Pathways by Cat?  A M A Z I N G material!  I'm going to be knitting some sample socks and give them away as baby booties. 

Comment away!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Knittingbrow's been busy

Well, I've been busy with getting back into the swing of work after "fishing" with my brothers.  It's been rather warm here...high 90's most of the week and high humidity.  I don't have air condition in the house except in the bedroom.  knitSB has been home for the week, getting dehydrated simply breathing! 

I did knit with the wonderful Monday knitters.  I'm working this weekend at my LYS.  Perhaps I'll see you there? 

I do have more pictures to post on flickr.  I've got so many that I upgraded my account to PRO so I could do better organizing of them.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy posting them. 

BTW: I took knitSB to another LYS and found some wonderful sock yarn and a bit of lace weight malabrigo.  I think it is now just a matter of finding the right pattern to start knitting lace, don't you? 

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Great Advice

Someone shared this advice that was given to the mother of the groom as she was looking for a dress to wear to the wedding:

"You don't want to me mistaken for a guest."

Nice advice, don't you think?

Monday, August 6, 2007


I like a good parody. Especially by French and Saunders.
This video was the inspiration

for one parody that makes me laugh.

Not to be left out is a song for a video that Trixie and I enjoy. And this parody is good too that combines this song and another.

I made it home from the trip without incident. I've got lots of photos to add but wanted to spend time with knitSB instead!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Knittingbrow on the Tractor

Knittingbrow on the Tractor
Originally uploaded by knittingbrow
As promised, this is me on the tractor, moving the remains of the fire around.

Comment away!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

When the brothers get together

I've not knit much today. My thumb hurts and I'm hoping that it is not serious. There is slight tingling and numbing in my thumb so I thought I would lay off the actual knitting and do a bit of catch-up on my knitting projects. I've got the next steps I need to take for the ESP sweater. I've got about one inch left on the second sleeve, then I join with the body and work up in a raglan sleeve. It is a cardigan sweater I'm knitting and I think that I will add a slight V-neck to the design. Matty is going to do the v-neck too, so it will benefit us both if I have it worked out.

I've spent time with my brothers while they worked on adding a flat floor to a boat so they can use the foot pedal for the trolling motor. It took math and patience and at least one or two beers.
BF 2007 Boat Work
There is a great deal of concentration that has to happen.
BF 2007 Cutting The end result was quite nice and they were able to go out on the lake for some fishing.
BF 2007 Boat Seats

I took a few pictures to share.
BF 2007 Anchors Away
BF 2007 Thursday fishing
My brother Mike tends to read while we go on these "fishing" trips. See?
BF 2007 Mike Reads
Oh, Matty and Micah...This is the burn pile for the fire on Friday night! BF 2007 Wood PileSweet, huh?
You know I'll be using the tractor to move the wood around, right?
BF 2007 Tractor


Knitter's Review has just reviewed 4 new sock knitting books. Socks are so much fun to knit. There are an amazing amount of patterns out there.

I've got lots of sock yarn and I'm closing in on getting everyone of the sock books published on my bookshelves. I am currently a member of two sock clubs (soon to be three).

You might recall that I asked about sock clubs recently. Only a few responded so I don't have any great insight into your thoughts.

In June, I got to meet Judy Ditmore of Interlacements Yarn. We got talking about sock yarn and wonderful colors and sock patterns and knitting from the top down or toe up and circular sock knitting or dpns and such. Guess what?! She now has an Interactive Sock Gang that just got posted on her sight. The details look fun. I get to pick what weight yarn I want. Nice variety and a reasonable price. I'm going to investigate some details. I want to help with the blog and such. Wouldn't that be fun?

I'm working on some socks right now in Toasty Toes. I'm test knitting a pattern and should start working on these a little more aggressively, don't you think?

We plan on going out on the boat tonight for some fishing. I'll go and probably take the socks then. Pictures to follow!

Lopi Sweater Trouble 2

Lopi Sweater Trouble 2
Originally uploaded by knittingbrow
Knitter error has created the need to pull out the last six inches of knitting. Look carefully at the needle points and you can see the pattern is lost. Lost because I didn't get the 216 sts needed. I had 214 sts. That can make a big difference in the pattern. I thought I might be able to figure out a way to fake it later. I tried and found it unsatisfactory.

I'll be putting this project away for the trip and starting another project. I pulled out my EZ sweater and found that I have to join the sleeves to the body. I've forgotten that I didn't get that far along in the design. I'll sit down tomorrow morning, get my book out and see if I can find out where I am in the pattern.

I remember needing to determine what yoke treatment I want to use on the cardigan design. I could do the yoke pattern....I wonder if I brought the book I needed for the decrease information.
Nope. No book. Anyone out there reading the Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmermann and willing to email me the decreases for raglan design, I would appreciate it! knittingbrow ( At) G mail (d0t) com. (my something better got the information for me, so I'm set!

I hope to get at least one project done of the five done that I brought with me. Did I even mention the projects?

Did you see the cool information about the Interactive Sock Gang? One of my projects is sock using Toasty Toes!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Boys "Fishing" Weekend 2007 part 2

I have included two pictures of my first knitting project (of the five I brought with me). It is a Yoke sweater design from Lopi. I've not worked on this project since last year. I pulled it out of the bag to find this:

Lopi Sweater1

Interesting what I found. It only took about 15 minutes of looking at the pattern and the sweater to get started.

Lopi Sweater 2 progress

I needed to alter the pattern from how it was written. The front, back and sleeve section of the pattern were all written as *flat*. Once you get to the yoke, the pattern had you joining in the round and completing the sweater. D'oh, I wouldn't want to do that. So, I re-wrote the pattern for sleeves in the round and body in the round. I am a bit off of the pattern, but it is working out well.

Other photos of the weekend are posted. They are mostly of us relaxing and chatting.
Additional photos will be added over the next several days. I hope to have this sweater completed before bed tonight!

Arrived Safely

I have arrived to the location of the "boys fishing trip" without event. The trip took 6 hours and was uneventful. Unfortunately, I was only able to knit for about 2 hours because it got dark. The conversation was good so I didn't mind.

I have packed 5 specific projects to work on during the trip. I'll post more about these later today.

I did listen to a few podcasts from "Stash and Burn." I enjoy this podcast mostly because I relate to what they are saying. It feels really great to use the yarn I have in my stash! I do want to post a few comments to them. I'm concerned with the loss of sock "mojo" aren't you?

Just discovered on Interlacements Yarn..the Interactive Sock Gang. Sounds like fun. I'll review what details I find and share them with you.