Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Boys "Fishing" Weekend 2007 part 2

I have included two pictures of my first knitting project (of the five I brought with me). It is a Yoke sweater design from Lopi. I've not worked on this project since last year. I pulled it out of the bag to find this:

Lopi Sweater1

Interesting what I found. It only took about 15 minutes of looking at the pattern and the sweater to get started.

Lopi Sweater 2 progress

I needed to alter the pattern from how it was written. The front, back and sleeve section of the pattern were all written as *flat*. Once you get to the yoke, the pattern had you joining in the round and completing the sweater. D'oh, I wouldn't want to do that. So, I re-wrote the pattern for sleeves in the round and body in the round. I am a bit off of the pattern, but it is working out well.

Other photos of the weekend are posted. They are mostly of us relaxing and chatting.
Additional photos will be added over the next several days. I hope to have this sweater completed before bed tonight!

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