Thursday, August 2, 2007

Lopi Sweater Trouble 2

Lopi Sweater Trouble 2
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Knitter error has created the need to pull out the last six inches of knitting. Look carefully at the needle points and you can see the pattern is lost. Lost because I didn't get the 216 sts needed. I had 214 sts. That can make a big difference in the pattern. I thought I might be able to figure out a way to fake it later. I tried and found it unsatisfactory.

I'll be putting this project away for the trip and starting another project. I pulled out my EZ sweater and found that I have to join the sleeves to the body. I've forgotten that I didn't get that far along in the design. I'll sit down tomorrow morning, get my book out and see if I can find out where I am in the pattern.

I remember needing to determine what yoke treatment I want to use on the cardigan design. I could do the yoke pattern....I wonder if I brought the book I needed for the decrease information.
Nope. No book. Anyone out there reading the Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmermann and willing to email me the decreases for raglan design, I would appreciate it! knittingbrow ( At) G mail (d0t) com. (my something better got the information for me, so I'm set!

I hope to get at least one project done of the five done that I brought with me. Did I even mention the projects?

Did you see the cool information about the Interactive Sock Gang? One of my projects is sock using Toasty Toes!

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