Thursday, August 2, 2007

When the brothers get together

I've not knit much today. My thumb hurts and I'm hoping that it is not serious. There is slight tingling and numbing in my thumb so I thought I would lay off the actual knitting and do a bit of catch-up on my knitting projects. I've got the next steps I need to take for the ESP sweater. I've got about one inch left on the second sleeve, then I join with the body and work up in a raglan sleeve. It is a cardigan sweater I'm knitting and I think that I will add a slight V-neck to the design. Matty is going to do the v-neck too, so it will benefit us both if I have it worked out.

I've spent time with my brothers while they worked on adding a flat floor to a boat so they can use the foot pedal for the trolling motor. It took math and patience and at least one or two beers.
BF 2007 Boat Work
There is a great deal of concentration that has to happen.
BF 2007 Cutting The end result was quite nice and they were able to go out on the lake for some fishing.
BF 2007 Boat Seats

I took a few pictures to share.
BF 2007 Anchors Away
BF 2007 Thursday fishing
My brother Mike tends to read while we go on these "fishing" trips. See?
BF 2007 Mike Reads
Oh, Matty and Micah...This is the burn pile for the fire on Friday night! BF 2007 Wood PileSweet, huh?
You know I'll be using the tractor to move the wood around, right?
BF 2007 Tractor


micah said...

sweet dude! I love modifying some boats and getting together with my brothers an realizing that I have more hair than they do and less grey!
Hey and the reason I sleep on the river bank is not because I'm lazy I'm just happy to get away from the crazy chicks, and because I've outfished them tenfold and don't realy need to catch anything anymore!

Anonymous said...

Jerry, you are soooo butch and you are going to earn at least a couple more merit badges!!! Have some one take a picture of you driving the tractor.


Cat said...

I love learning more about your family and seeing pics! Yay you! Thanks for sharing the stories.

We're having a big family hunt-down starting next week - first my fam then Mike's. Of course, that is only 5 people, total. LOL

I agree - your adoring fans want a pic of you on the tractor!