Sunday, August 5, 2007

Knittingbrow on the Tractor

Knittingbrow on the Tractor
Originally uploaded by knittingbrow
As promised, this is me on the tractor, moving the remains of the fire around.

Comment away!


Anonymous said...

Lookin good. was it fun? it looked like it. that is a very nice house. did you get rain today? we have been getting it off and on today. it has made it quiet a lovely day. so i have taken advantage and started baking some zucchini bread. plus trying to catch up on the veggies we have received. lili and i just snapped a bunch of beans and they are now in the freezer. next is the squash... have fun, you butch thing you!!!


Anonymous said...

Was the fire so huge you actually needed a tractor or are you just practicing for your Tahoe trip?

micah said...

wow. That's a fine tractor.

Cat said...

OOOooh aaaaaaah so very he-man-ish.