Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Scarf This!

I'm working on a pattern for a class that I'm teaching at my LYS. I have been knitting up a sample for the pattern and don't know which direction to go with it.

So, I present some questions:
  1. Do you like a variety of options in patterns? Say I have 4 options of how to knit a particular pattern and write it up all on the same pattern, would that confuse you?
  2. a scarf in stockinette stitch or garter stitch with a st st edge (to help prevent curling)?
  3. When reading a pattern, it is helpful to have suggestions for yarns. Do you mind color suggestions? This design is going to depend on the yarn choice and the unexpected difference in color selection.
  4. How can I help people feel comfortable getting outside of their zone for the colors?
Vague questions, aren't they? Suggestions are appreciated.
I'm thinking of using Cider Moon or Jitterbug or Tiny Toes. They all are beautiful, aren't they?


sulafaye said...

Lots of interesting questions! I don't have a lot of experience with new knitters, but my two cents is that it would be great to have options, especially if the student didn't feel ready to do something entirely different wanted to make the scarf again.

It would be helpful though if you could find a way to format the document to make it extremely clear which step goes with which option--by color? or font? I'm not sure.

Regarding color choices, perhaps that would best be something discussed in person or on a separate sheet, if you are going beyond the usual recommendation with yarn requirements. Just one humble knitter's opinion! Have fun, and all the best!

I highly recommend Cider Moon! Glacier has quickly become one of my absolute favorites.

Jacki said...

Yeah, don't really think you need to me tell you my yarn preference :) but I know that when I've knit scarves that require a lot of blocking to lay flat, that within an hour or so of wearing them, they normally tube up on me again. Which is kind of frustrating, so I'd recommend that you try to do something that doesn't tube too much, just because I think people will be happier with the end result.

4 different instruction choices in one pattern seems like it might be confusing, but if you had 2 different ways of providing the same instructions (like a chart and then written instructions as well), I think that would work fine.

The nudging people outside of their comfort zone for colors is something I've always had problems with - when I worked at the quilt shop, I was kind of caught between wanting people to expand their horizons, but then worrying too much if they were going to hate what they went home with. I think that's something you're infinitely better at than I am, since you're much more of people person and salesman. :)

Darkprincess said...

Dropping a line to tell you I am reading your blog everyday,even if I don't comment

Anonymous said...

4 choices is probably too many. I do like the idea of yarn suggestions because that can lead me to others yarns with the same feel. You know I am not fond of Cider Moon yarn. The fuzz factor is too high for my taste. It would be nice to let people know that if they use it the scarf will get a halo effect, then they can decide if they like that. I do love Jitterbug and Tiny Toes especially if there is a pattern that will be defined.