Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday Update

I've been rather busy with work and have not posted. (duh)

I have been knitting. I figured out the scarf pattern that I was working on. Thanks for the comments! The pattern I created will be straightforward and won't need supplemental directions. What will be interesting is how to write up the "extra" stuff that I have learned when doing the sample. This includes color selection for example.

I've begun clearing out/organizing my yarn stash. I bought a lot of wire bins so I can display the yarn instead of using closed bins. What should I do with stash yarn that I no longer want? Will people be willing to buy the stuff from me? Pictures and updates later.

I've got friends in town and will enjoy movies and food with them tonight. I have the best friends. I might even take some photos.

knitSB and I have been watching Twin Peaks. I think he's hooked.

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