Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Not as much as I thought

I've been organizing my stash by moving it to wire bins.

Here's what I've discovered:
  1. I bought some yarn that I don't like when I first started to learn to knit. The yarn was on sale and I often bought all that was there. Deep discounts still thrill me (40% off or even 60% at my lys).
  2. I find it easier to get rid of find new a new home for yarn that isn't wool, silk or another natural fiber.
  3. I tend to buy enough yarn for a specific "type of" project (like sweater, vest, etc) when I discover a yarn that I really like. The Maggi Knits Linen is a good example. I bought ample to make a sweater vest.
  4. I have enough projects to keep me knitting for at least 5 years if I complete one project a month. This does not include my sock stash.
  5. I have a lot of nice sock yarn.
  6. I am getting rid of sock yarn that I don't like.
  7. I have a large number of unfinished projects that will take less than 15 hours each to complete. Good yarn that has been knitted up to the point that I need to concentrate on what I'm doing to finish. Some examples include my Tahoe handspun sweater vest that I only need to work the neck decreases, steek the sleeves and neck and pick up those edges to make the bands...the second sock that I started knitting while at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Fest in 2007....and the socks I'm knitting for NW using Yarmando's sock pattern. I just need to do the gusset increases.
  8. Knitting books are multiplying in my house! I'm getting them all on LibraryThing so I know what I have.
  9. Some of these knitting books are more interesting now than when I got them. (Purl Stitch)
  10. Some are less interesting now than when I got them. (Loop-d-loop)
  11. I have started to acquire some nice spinning fiber. Now I just need to sit down and spin, don't I?
I'm thinking though some of how to organize the yarn. I think the sock yarns need to be put together so enough yarn will be together and easy to find.

How do you organize your stash?


yarmando said...

"...using Yarmando's sock pattern. I just need to do the gusset increases."

Gussets? I have a sock pattern with gussets?

Oh. This one. Dude, I am so past that one.

knittingbrow said...

I kinda figured you're way past that one. I cannot keep up with all that fast knitting. I might just do an afterthought heel and just get done with these socks.

Cookie said...

My sock yarn lives together. I keep all the lace weight together and yarn for sweaters together. Less tempting to steal a skein or there for something else. The occasional odd skein lives with the leftover yarn from other projects. It works for me, but I don't have a huge stash.

Good luck on taming all that fiber!

Anonymous said...

how do I organize my stash? erm... in boxes?

Seriously, I have my sock yarn segregaged in 2 boxes (regular and luxury), and all else in boxes, basically grouped in project lumps.

I use copy boxes as they are FREE to me from work. Compared to most, I don't have a "stash" so I can get by with this...

sock princess said...

How do I organize my yarn? It's an impossibe chore so I throw some of it in the trunk of my car and deal to anyone who is around at the time. Just hope the police don't think I'm dealing something else. It works for me.

Cat said...

I have 4 plastic bins that stack in my guest room. 3 of them are the double-deep ones, and each of those has a thickness - thin, medium/sport, and chunky. The shallow bin is for needles and crap like that.

Note to self - stay close to SP when she's near her trunk!

Remember, I'll take donations of cheap stuff (especially if it's colorful) for the kids at the library. More info to come soon about a Monday night once-a-month thing at the branch.

knittinglizzie said...

I keep yarn organized by color in these bins I get at work (container store). I usually find I know what yarn I want and then find it easier because I know its in its bin, or I find inspiration by looking through what color speaks to me. I'm thinking about sorting by weight though.

I also find loop d loop less interesting now. I think meeting Teva made it less interesting. She's nice, but she's not what you'd expect her to be. It bores me now.

post some pics what you want to get rid of, perhaps we'll all find something that strikes our fancy. :)