Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Resolutions (aka to-do list)

It's the time of the year when I start to consider what I've accomplished compared to what I would like to accomplish. A few years back I put together a list of things that I wanted to accomplish with my knitting but never checked back on my progress.

I feel different this year. I'm not certain why and I'm glad that whatever it is, is different. Thus begins a list (or ramblings) of knitting resolutions for this new year. This new year is the "Year of Thanksgiving."
  1. Monogamous knitting. Working on a project from start to finish. Focusing my attention on a single project would probably increase my knitting productivity. I mean, I lose a fair amount of knitting time switching between projects. Changing between projects requires that I have to shift my focus and catch-up on the new project. Does this happen to you?
  2. Complete un-finished projects. I vlogged about a few of my unfinished projects. They feel like unkept commitments. They're hanging over my head and cluttering up my mind. I've struggled with clutter much of my life, both at home and at work. Sigh. By finishing knitting projects I increase my wardrobe and decrease my clutter. It will also help keep me involved with my stash and not adding to it.
  3. Knit intarsia. I received an amazing knitted "dr who" style scarf several years back given to me by Kay In New Mexico. It's beautiful and colorful and amazing. Intarsia could be like painting with yarn. I have a BFA. I adore color when it's used to in exciting ways. I've got a complete palette of yarn colors available for me to start "painting."
  4. Knit for donation. Chemo hats, baby sweaters, blankets or something else. I want to provide something back to the community. I knit for the now defunk d-laan project (I can't find links, sorry) and it felt good. I have some much for which I'm thankful. I want to give back.
  5. (this spot reserved for additional thoughts)
  6. (this spot reserved....)
  7. (this spot ...)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finished shawl for #1

Finished shawl 2
Originally uploaded by knittingbrow
Pictures are posted! She's tired and happy to have the finished shawl.

Additional photos can be found in the #1 set on flickr.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Completed #1 Shawl!

The knitting has been completed! I'm very pleased with the knitting. I used Malabrigo Lace weight yarn and matched it with the pattern from Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle.

This shawl is a "prayer shawl" for a good friend of mine that I affectionately refer to as #1. She just completed her 3rd round of chemotherapy. They expect that she'll have up to another 8 rounds before she's completed her first attack on the breast cancer. As I write this, the shawl is soaking before I block it. My hope is to deliver it friday.

She's asked me to bring over my clippers so I can shave her head to help with losing her hair.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Smashing Cufflinks

Have you visited Etsy.com? If you like handmade items and want to support creative people, I encourage you to visit and look around. Even better, buy something! I did.

The background: I was on plurk and got linked to someone who posted a link to some earrings. I like the earring and thought that they would make nice cufflinks. I emailed smashing and asked if she could make me some cufflinks that had the same enamelled green. The answer was yes! See?

Nice, huh? The price for custom cufflinks was acceptable. Feel free to buy me some additional cufflinks in an orange (with yellow) and maybe aqua for my birthday. **grin** Smashing would ship them to me if you want.

My experience with etsy was quite good and I would enjoy visiting again with I need some more handcrafted items. I expect that etsy's got a bit of everything to enjoy! Go explore.

ps. Kathy aka smashing shared with me the link to her flickr post of these cufflinks. People seem pleased with how they look!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Love Your Library!

Do you love your library? I do. I talk about how I use my library to help me with my knitting.

Exploring my local library gives me a great chance to checkout books before I buy them. I browse my library and discover interesting books that I would never consider purchasing and really enjoy reading them.

I heard about the book Intertwined on a podcast or read about it in a blog. I got to look at it at my local library. Cool, huh? I probably only look at this book. I won't want to buy it.

I would have totally missed Amigurumi had I not browsed the New Book Area at the Main Library. Apparently it's pretty popular in parts of the world. Who knew? Not me.

Of course, I use my amazon wish list to keep track of knitting books I want to find out about. Knitting Saddle Style has been on my list for awhile. I'm glad my library got it. I need to look through the book again to determine if the information is some I want to have around for awhile.

I'm reading the Book 4 of the Spiderwick Chronicles to my friend Mia using Skype.

Third by Portishead. I'm actually listening to this right now as I type this. I don't have an opinion yet. Step Up 2, I saw a preview and the dancing looks good.

Learn & Play @ CML. All sorts of great information provided in activities to let you explore Web 2.0. This is really helpful if you want to know more. Care to join in the fun? All the cool people are doing it!

You can get Power Tools from the Columbus Metropolitan Library. I use these tools to make my searching the catalog easier!