Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Smashing Cufflinks

Have you visited Etsy.com? If you like handmade items and want to support creative people, I encourage you to visit and look around. Even better, buy something! I did.

The background: I was on plurk and got linked to someone who posted a link to some earrings. I like the earring and thought that they would make nice cufflinks. I emailed smashing and asked if she could make me some cufflinks that had the same enamelled green. The answer was yes! See?

Nice, huh? The price for custom cufflinks was acceptable. Feel free to buy me some additional cufflinks in an orange (with yellow) and maybe aqua for my birthday. **grin** Smashing would ship them to me if you want.

My experience with etsy was quite good and I would enjoy visiting again with I need some more handcrafted items. I expect that etsy's got a bit of everything to enjoy! Go explore.

ps. Kathy aka smashing shared with me the link to her flickr post of these cufflinks. People seem pleased with how they look!


MsKnottyKnits said...

I vote for aqua! Those are quite a nice find. I love french cuffs, so I am occasionally in the market for cuff links - good to know!

Cat said...

Ooh - nicey nice!

Helene said...

nice links... R those new glasses??

zJayne said...

Very cool...I just saw her listing for these type of cuff links and the PICTURES are FABulous! Great way to Thank someone - this youtube blog type thing! Love it!