Tuesday, July 15, 2008

umm, UFOs

Hey, this turned out to be straight-forward on my MacBook Pro. I like to talk so I thought I would use a video to start blogging again.

UFOs are "unfinished objects" when related to knitting. I discovered this as my stash was being moved around as we were clearing up areas of the house. I got distracted and started to "shop from stash" and discovered some amazingly wonderful yarns. Before I cast-on another project, I want to complete some projects. The UFOs.
  1. d'zined yarn. This sock was cast-on during the fun of the Magician's Nephew that took place in March/April. I just cast-on and started knitting. The feel of the sock is comfortable so it has merit to be finished. I think it's more of a fall and winter sock because of the tight gauge.
  2. the "Lopi Sock." I learned to knit socks using this pattern and Lamb's Pride Bulky. These knit up fast on size 10 or 10.5 needles. I've knit 9 pairs of these socks. They are wonderful to wear around cold houses to keep your feet warm. A fast knit and short so they don't go up far on the leg, so it's a slipper sock. This one has a twisted cable pattern. I'm using ends of the Lamb's Pride Bulky so the colors are mis-matched, bright and cheery! I will finish this. Now, who should get this pair?
  3. Elbac Scarf. This pattern from knitty. I'm using Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Worsted yarn in a blue color. I'm halfway through the scarf, almost. I found the knitting a bit too detailed to be "mindless" and I've had to keep track of rows and st repeats and such. bleech. Nice sound effect, eh? Who will get this scarf? The ribbing scarf does have some stretch to it so it will get a bit wider. This one might be in the "finish" pile.
  4. The Placerville vest. It's LOFTY LOU'S YARN SHOP in Placerville, CA. Lou spun the yarn herself and I like that I purchased a handspun yarn that no one else would ever have. I got creative by introducing a purple yarn to make the vest. I'm using the EPS system to create this vest to fit me. I will finish this. What I need to do is determine how I'm going to decrease the v-neck of the vest. I've got three steeks going (two for sleeves, one for neck). The lighting doesn't show the colors well at all. (n2s: better lighting)
  5. the Prayer Shawl. the M's gave me lots of acryllic yarn which is good for a prayer shawl because it's washable. The colors remind me of peonies that my grandmother gave to my Mom. Those huge pink blooms with a dark green framing and slight bits of dark pink. Wonderful memory for me. This one is knit length-wise with fringe, not tassels. It's knitting up fast and I'm only knitting on it around friends and people who love me. Nothing better to go into a Prayer Shawl than love and support. I'm giving this to my mother who will donate it to her church.
  6. Maryland Sheep and Wool Sock out of the claudia (I think). One sock is finished. I got lost in the middle of the second heel using Don's toe-up sock pattern from two years ago. If I ask, I wonder if Don could actually tell me where I am in the pattern. I'd like to finish this second sock. I mean, I'm so close and the sock has great memories of my first trip to MS&W.
  7. Scallop Scarf my own variation out of Jitterbug. I like my pattern a bit better because the color shows up a bit better. I've got about 1/2 of this scarf done. The thing that is tough is that I knit three other complete scarves for a class that I taught. That explains the "time-out" for the scarf. It wouldn't take much to finish the scarf and it's reversible and won't curl. Thoughts on this? I mean, the yarn could turn into socks, right?
  8. Baby Surprise Jacket out of Cascade 220. I used this as a class sample for the BSJ class I tought. I need to seem this BSJ with some interesting i-cord trim. I'm hesitating a bit because I've not done this technique before. Finishing this will be time consuming and buttons. This one is in the finish pile.
  9. Gale Shawl out of Grandma's Blessing from Briar Rose Fibers. Love the pattern. Love the Yarn. Love the recipient. Absolutely to be finished. Will I take it on the "fishing trip?" I've not decided. "wooster" Guess who walked in on the recording of this? See him in the back? He's like...what are you doing?
  10. Yoke Sweater using Lopi Yarns. The blog history of this error can be found in the archives by clicking here. The colors are my own combination. I've got to tick back to correct the error. Really, all that is left is the fair isle knitting on the yoke. I'm more than half way done. I wish I had pulled out the error before I put the sweater in hibernation. If I take this on the fishing trip, I need to be ready to knit on it. It's not car knitting for me.
What you didn't see are the 6 other projects sitting on the side table. Now, these are UFOs and not the "promised projects." That's a completely different post.

Thanks for watching and reading. Please leave a comment to let me know if you enjoy the new format and why. BTW: I went with youtube because I couldn't stop talking after 90 seconds. Flickr limits to 90 seconds.


Kristen said...

i vote for the stripey vest (can't wait to see those colors in person) and the wavy/chevron scarf... unless you are going to have enough time to tink back that lopi sweater, in which case i'd recommend that too -- but you don't wanna be tinking out on your trip!!

also -- hiya knitsb -- love how he was standing in the doorway for a few seconds towards the end! *waves*

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your video blogs!!! See something I did not think would catch my attention is! Keep blogging and I will keep watching. Love all the colors.Britt and Keegan are enjoying watching too.Maybe I will try and Knit.Start something very easy.

micah said...

WOW! GErry is on my computer at work! Thanks man! That was fun!!!

Anonymous said...

finish them all. you'll feel better. plus you can get your knitting blink back...LOL


Kay in New Mexico said...

Love the video -- It's fine to read blogposts of people I don't know, but it is better-than-great to actually see and hear people I actually know!

Work on the UFOs if they call to you. If you only do it because you think you ought to, you won't enjoy it and they won't have those good vibes knitted in. The prayer shawl is lovely.

And as for the bright striped socks -- um -- if you can't think of anybody else, send 'em to me!

Chris said...

You asked if I wanted the socks? yes!!!! I LOVED the video!!!! My vote is to finish the sweater, then the vest. Then you'll have two new items to wear this fall!!! Funny thing about finishing, it really doesn't take that long and you're DONE!!! You rock!!! Chris from Briar Rose

Cat said...

I like the vid posts. Finish those things, you goof! If you don't know who will get them, donate them! :-)

I ditto Kristen - Hi KnitSB!

Kristie said...

Really liked that jitterbug/chevron scarf. I hope you don't frog it and finish it, I'd love to see it completed. :)

donna said...