Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Red Bird Knits Sock of the Month Club

I get excited when I receive a notice from the post office that a package needs to be picked up. It's like Christmas morning, seeing the wrapped packages and not know exactly what's in the package. Well, today I picked up my last shipment of the Sock of the Month Club from Red Bird Knits. Wanna watch while I open the package?

The pattern for this month is called Anatoli. This is my last shipment only because I'm reducing my expenses. I have about 16 months of the Red Bird Knits SOTMC queued up for knitting. I think it was Damask that ran short on yarn. (Interesting to note that she's not carrying Jitterbug anymore that I can tell.) Robyn has some great sock club options. Sign up and they are mailed automatically. She makes the patterns herself and matches great yarn. My friend KnitMary directed me to Red Bird Knits. I reviewed the sock patterns and found there were some designed that I would enjoy learning how to knit. Most of the patterns will work for men. Now that I've gone to view the site, I could go to sock of the ever-other-month or even sock-of-the-quarter. Dang. Note to self set a number of kits to knit before considering joining up again.

BTW: I am working on casting-on the 449 sts for #1's shawl. I'll show you the completed cast-on soon.

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Cat said...

I've considered asking for a SOTMC for Xmas sometime - but it seems so expensive and so regimented. I might still ask my MIL for something - maybe the E/O month thing. Hmmm . . .