Monday, July 21, 2008

Gauge Swatch #1

Here you have what could be a pathetic gauge swatch. Honestly, I didn't really expect this to be a true swatch and I was so excited to start on the project that I couldn't help myself. What I've learned is I want to try and knit more of a swatch, maybe even the full 6" swatch in st st. I'll try a size 6 needle but change to my Knit Pick Options (rather than the harmony that I used). Clara Parkes book, The Knitter's Book of Yarn tells amazing details of a variety of yarns. You might want to check this one out from your local library. St. Clara gave an inspiring description of "romancing yarn" before committing to a project. Knitting a gauge swatch never sounded better!


micah said...

you are crazy man!!!

Beth M. said...

I LOVE the video instructions. You must do more. Kay... I hope you're watching this... GAUGE swatching is great.
Can't wasit to see your shawl progress.
Miss not seeing you at our LYS.

Cat said...

OMG - I hate knitting swatches for gauge! I also hate typing the word gauge - that "au" just feels awkward to my fingers. Stop bugging me about gauge!

I like the grin at the end of the vid, though. Show us how fun you are! That post about the knit mags was BORING!