Friday, July 18, 2008

Hurt Books

(I promise to keep videos to 2 minutes and 30 seconds or less)

I got my delivery from the Interweave Hurt Books Sale.
The hurt books that were delivered include:
  • Gossamer Webs by Galina Khmeleva. The hurt part was the bent top. That would have happened anyway. I'm glad I got it.
  • Harmony Guides: Lace & Eyelets edited by Erika Knight. This 50% off book had a bent corners at the top and bottom. I can live with those. I'm taking this one with me tonight as I consider a new shawl to knit for a friend.
  • Knitting Ganseys by Beth Brown-Reinsel had the back top corner bent. It's the same type of bend that would be created when I put things back on the bookshelf.
  • Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle wasn't a hurt book but it was on my wishlist for awhile. I deserved a new book, don't you think? I just saw the errata for the book. My, there are quite a few corrections needed. I'll check my copy before starting any shawl.
  • Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls by Martha Waterman is another "healthy book" that's been on my wishlist. I'm gathering an arsenal of lace books and this one had to be included.
I promise to edit down my talking time. I'll continue to blog and post the videos. I'll do better. Comment away!


Not a Knitter said...

Yay for new books! :) That's so neat that you can buy "hurt books!" I've never heard of that before. And your books look really neat! I need to get some more crochet books...I only have five! :P


(If you remember me from Knitter's Connection, you helped me convince my mom to get me that crochet book.)

MsKnottyKnits said...

I LOVE Folk Shawls!!! I can't decide which one I want to do first! Well, actually, I am going to do the Kimono Shawl for a friend. Nice picks!!

Matt....... said...

Love the VLOGs! see, now I really don't have to leave the house......

Beth M. said...

I like your videos longer. You have so much to say and I'm sad when they end. You just get started and you're ending. Do make them a little longer :-)