Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Knitting

A short introduction to the Wednesday knitting group.

We've been getting together on Wednesday's for almost two year.

Here's a run down on the people who were present.
knitSB, you've heard about him before. ;) He's knitting on a scarf from One-skein wonders called the One Skein Scarf using Cascade 220.
Songferret, also referenced in the blog for his amazing ability to relate everything to a musical in three sentence or less.
Cat who is working on some original bag designs based on Mary Ann's paintings.
Yarmando who is knitting on the Koolhaas hat. His second, I believe.
Big Matt joined us for the first time in a long time. He shares his camel toe sock and another project that I don't remember.
KnitMeredith joined us (without her knitting!)
EPSGuy is working on his Pie are Square shawl in a yummy alpaca.
The very shy KnitMary was putting a crocheted edging on the Butterfly Pullover.

That's the group. And we discovered two more knitters knitting at Cup o Joe! They joined us and fun was had by all!


micah said...

um, this thing jsut asked me for a password????

Anyway, that was pretty funny. You guys need to have a few manhattans and loosen up a bit. :P

Cat said...

Fun - we could work on our presentation, but honestly, if we're really going to do good vlogging, we'll need to NOT do it in public!