Thursday, July 24, 2008

Attention Interweave Knits!

Just watch then read.

The Preview for the Fall Issue 2008 was released today.
I look forward to the anticipation of what's coming in my next issue.

In case you haven't noticed, men wear sweaters.
Did you know this?
I can't tell that from the Fall Issue 2008. Not one man's sweater pattern.
Men get one nod in this issue: A man is used to show off mittens using angora yarn. Do men wear angora?
Did I miss that memo?
"Hey you. You with the XY chromosome. Yes, you. Start wearing bunny fur."


The mittens look fine, really. I'm concerned about the lack of patterns that might even be remotely appropriate for someone with the XY chromosome combination. That being said and full disclosure that I tend to be willing to bend what might be considered an appropriate sweater for a woman/man, there are a few nice looking patterns. The pea coat, backstage tweed and braided pullover to name three.

I am disappointed. The fall issue is perfect to start showing some patterns/designs/socks/something that might work for the men in our lives. Please start including patterns that could be worn by men. BTW: we do wear more than socks or hats. (I'm just saying.)

I think I'll count the number of patterns for men (or lack of) in the past year and report back.
*sigh* I couldn't wait for the issue to show you the images better. (do you hear an echo?) The laptop will have to do.

ACK! The Fall Vogue Knitting 2008 preview is out too. Guess what's missing?


Charles (Stitchstud) said...

And in Vogue there is homage to men's wear in the Ol' Boys' Club series...but alas...

Anonymous said...

did you let them know?


Beth M. said...

I agree!
I like to knit FOR men.
I can never find a good variety of patterns to knit FOR A MAN.
HELLO magazine people.... I live with a husband and 2 male children (adult size). They ask me all the time... 'When are you going to knit something for me?... other than socks?'


Vtknitboy said...

saw you on plurk (i'm vtknitboy everywhere-rav, blogspot, etc). i have emailed all the publications in the past bringing up the same point. the replies have been for me to design something, ask more men to design things, and sorry, "women are the majority of knitters and they don't want to knit men's sweaters". i said, "really?" hmmmph.

Charles said...

I really like the booklytweed's mitten on Vogue fall 2008 too!