Monday, July 28, 2008

My first "sweater"

I call it a "sweater," but really, it's just the pieces to the sweater.

I found this great book at the Library called "Two Sticks and a String" by Kerry Ferguson. While flipping through it, I discovered the pattern called the Easy Mohair Sweater. It's a nice design. Only 4 pieces to knit.

I know enough about flat pattern design to be dangerous. As I was knitting the sleeves, I didn't think that the sleeve caps would fit into the armhole. After I finished the sleeves and tried to fit them into the armhole, sure enough, they didn't fit. I had to tick back the front and back of the sweater to correct the error. If I remember correctly, the yarn is Touch Yarns two ply mohair/blend. I purchased the yarn at Susan Yarns. Did I mention that I started this sweater almost 6 years ago? I don't know if the sweater will fit me anymore.

Tell me about your first sweater.


Kristen said...

Don't scare me like that!!!

I'm hoping to cast on for my first sweater before the end of this year....

thankfully I'll have all my knitting moms/aunties/nanas/uncles around to watch me carefully and supervise...

hopefully it will be an enjoyable experience??? (otherwise i'll be a lifetime sock knitter!!)

Not a Knitter said...

The sweater is beautiful! Don't throw it away - especially as it's your first project. Find someone to put it together for you. People at my LYS do that all the time. :)

I'm working on my first sweater right now...the crocheted Philosopher's Coat I've decided my next sweater (FrouFrou from Stitch 'n Bitch: Happy Hooker) will be just a bit easier. I've had to decrease the pattern several times (the bust on the sweater is 56 inches...I'm somewhere around 32...) and in general it's just been a difficult, tiring pattern. I'm sure the final product will be beautiful, though, which is why I'm working so hard to finish it before school starts.