Friday, July 18, 2008

I do read the articles!

My thoughts on knitting magazines.
  • Cast On Magazine is the official publication of TGKA. I think this magazine has a lot of good resource material on knitting and knitting techniques. I get the magazine as part of my membership to TGKA. I read it for the articles. There are very few men's patterns.
  • Vogue Knitting is a very "vogue" magazine in style and photography. I enjoy this artistic and fashion forward approach to knitting. The few men patterns see to be vests or drop shoulder sweaters. I have enjoyed the designed by Brandon and Kaffe. One article I regularly read is by Meg Swansen from Schoolhouse Press.
  • Knitters Magazine is not a magazine that I enjoy. I do not subscribe and probably won't. The patterns tend to be over-the-top on last years fashion trends knit in colors that are too loud and scary. The photography is quite nice but doesn't highlight the sweater. I don't think it's too much to ask to have the knitted garment be the focus of the photo instead of the building behind the model. The Perri Klass articles are my favorite section of the magazine.
  • Spin-Off has my attention recently because of their good articles and exciting knitting patterns. This might be a magazine that gets a subscription from me. No wonder I like the magazine, it's an Interweave Press product!
  • Interweave Knits is my knitting magazine of choice. I subscribe. Great articles and well written patterns. I can see the knitted garments pretty well. Franklin Habit's blog can be found here. Contact me Franklin so I can be one of your 1,000 Knitters! Clara Parkes writes Knitter's Review and spoke at Knitters Connection in June 2008.
  • Piecework is a magazine that's an unexpected find for knitting magazines.
Thanks for watching. My goal is to not have a video that runs more than 3 minutes. After this post, if I can't say it in under 3 minutes, I should say it.


micah said...

Gerry! So, I read it first, then watched (most of) the video. Next time, let me be lazy and jsut say, "Micah, don't read this, jsut look at the pictures."

I't still fun seeing you on my computer! Very neat!

Beth M. said...

Gerry... You have made me want to go out and buy Piecework. I love the shawl you showed.
Enjoyed the explanation on all the magazines. Looking forward to more of your videos... you're so relaxed while you're talking. Makes me think you're right here with me.