Tuesday, August 14, 2007

BF2007 Fire (Boys Fishing 2007: adventure in flames)

There has been some interest in the non-fishing activity on the recent vacation with my brothers. So I give you the Photo Adventure in Flames:

The second oldest gathers brush, fallen trees and general wood into a pile, waiting for the youngest (and favored) son.
BF 2007 Wood Pile
After several hours of planning and "preparation," the youngest (and favored) son ignites the fire in the special ceremony.
Starting the Fire
And so, the wood pile ignites and turns into flames, much the same way that the youngest (and favored) son did when he first realized he was so "happy."
Fire Ignites
As joy filled the heart of the youngest (and favored) son, dancing ensues.
Fire Dance
Happiness can be seen, reality style.
Reality Style flames 1
The dancing invigorates so much joy in the fire, that it dances a mighty dance. So much excitement is created that the close by trees decide to join in and leaves "burst into flames."
High flames
Alas, time goes by and the flaming settles into a comfortable goal, much as when the youngest (and favored) son did as he got older.
Fire relaxing
After more time, the fire relaxes into the comfortable flaming, much as the youngest (and favored) son has.
Embers glowing
The next day, the fire has burned and needs assistance in regrouping. So the youngest (and favored) son gets his "butch" out and uses a tractor to assist.
Tractor 2
Daylight brings evidence of the evening celebration, reminding the youngest (and favored) son of his younger days in college.
After fire
Damaged has been limited and will simple rejuvenate the natural surroundings, the way nature intended.
The day after
So ends the adventure in flames. Until next year. :)
Sunset on Lake Huron


knitsb said...

WOW... my man is a pyromaniac! LOL

And by the way, you are not the favored, from what I understand. Just teasing you my dear!

knittingbrow said...

I am NOT a pyromaniac. I just like to burn things, once a year.

Anonymous said...

According to the younger (and favored) son, 'my' father likes him best. So I guess that makes him the younger (and favored) faternal twin three years apart, as well. *GRIN*

Burn baby, burn!


micah said...

holy crap man! That's a pretty scary fire. It doesn't look like you were standing around roasting weiners near that sucker.

Good thing nobody got hurt.

Jason said...

No marshmallows?!?!?