Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Brand New Knitter

On Monday night, I had a great opportunity to teach a person how to knit! 

Of course, I taught him continental knitting.  I gave him the choice.  He could knit just like his partner or he could knit faster than his partner.  *grin* He picked to knit faster. 

He seemed to pick it up quickly.  The yarn that was selected for him was Ara by Dale of Norway (I believe).  Not the best yarn to learn to knit with but it was available and he seemed to catch on.  I am hopeful that they go pick up a smoother yarn but it's not required. 

KnitMary seems to think that I'm not updating my blog enough.  That may be true in the knit blogging world.  I don't post everyday.  At least I've posted since April, right KnitMary?  *grin*

I'll be adding some pictures to the flickr account for my fishing trip with my brothers.  A great time was had by all! 

On my knitting news, I'm excited to get my chevron scarf off the needles.  It's for my MIL using silky wool yarn that knitSB and I dyed.  The end result is nice and I'm wanting to do different knitting AND get things off the needles.  I'm avoiding casting on something new without getting things done.  I'm certain you understand, don't you? 

I'm also working on two at once on one circular needle socks for a friend that was promised these socks during 2006 National Road Tour. I'm ready to start increasing for the gussets.  That shouldn't be hard.  I am using a pattern from More Sensational Knitted Socks book.  It has YOs and could almost be called lace.  Not not really. 

Speaking of socks....Have you gotten your copy of the New Pathways by Cat?  A M A Z I N G material!  I'm going to be knitting some sample socks and give them away as baby booties. 

Comment away!

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Matt said...

HMMMmmmm, I seem to recall using lion brand thick and quick sucrilic for my first project....Never again.......and yeah, where are all the fire pics man?