Friday, August 10, 2007

Knittingbrow's been busy

Well, I've been busy with getting back into the swing of work after "fishing" with my brothers.  It's been rather warm here...high 90's most of the week and high humidity.  I don't have air condition in the house except in the bedroom.  knitSB has been home for the week, getting dehydrated simply breathing! 

I did knit with the wonderful Monday knitters.  I'm working this weekend at my LYS.  Perhaps I'll see you there? 

I do have more pictures to post on flickr.  I've got so many that I upgraded my account to PRO so I could do better organizing of them.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy posting them. 

BTW: I took knitSB to another LYS and found some wonderful sock yarn and a bit of lace weight malabrigo.  I think it is now just a matter of finding the right pattern to start knitting lace, don't you? 


micah said...

what kind of sock yarn is it? something cushy thatme and the other one would like?

Cat said...

I would love to visit you at the LYS this weekend, but I'm working today and need family time tomorrow. . . but maybe I can sneak out for a bit. Whether I see you or not, enjoy the knitting!