Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Various Links

I've been finding some interesting sites of various interest that I wanted to shared. Only two of them knitting related.

Top 100 Tools for Learning This is an interesting site that I found at work. Made me go "hmmmm."
Broadway Beat Referenced during a knit gathering. Not a site for young viewers.
The Institute for Figuring This was floating around the net a few months back. Interesting, I thought.
Unclutterer I need this.
43 Folders For those of us who really like Getting Things Done.
Playbill Show Listings: London Anyone going to England in a few months?
Kent's Craft and the Moss Stitch Beret A nice pattern and a good photograph.
Interactive Sock Gang Way cool options with great yarn. Spread the word.
knitSB, Simpsonized.
DigitalGunfire The site for streaming industrial music on the net.
Stephanie Rond Artwork. Currently has a display until end of the August 2007. Reviewed here.

I have been knitting. Really. I should post a picture next time to prove it!

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micah said...

slow day at the office Ger?