Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sock Clubs

Are you a member of a sock club?
I am.
Which one(s)?
I'm a member of two of them, Rockin' Sock Club and Red Bird Knits SOTM. I like them both for different reasons.
What do you like about your sock clubs?
I like Socks That Rock yarn. It feels great and the colors are wonderful. I have yet to knit one of the patterns from the club, but they look good. And the comments on the club blog certainly are exciting (and varied). My, who would have thought that toe-up socks would cause so much controversy.
Red Bird creates a special pattern using mass produced yarns by great companys. Last month was Jitterbug yarn from Colinette. Robyn who creates the the is great. She sends out an email to members about the new club, responds quickly to emails, and sometimes gives a chance to "suggest" specific colors that I might like. This got me thinking...
Do you like to have a choice about yarns and patterns?
Yes. I wonder if you do and why.
Do you always knit the socks with the pattern you get? Why?
No, sometimes the color would work for a different pattern.
What do you wish there was available in a sock club?
I'm still pondering this one. Dream big and share with me.
If you had your way, what would you keep the same about the sock clubs you are in?
I like the monthly payment option of Red Bird. The single fee can be a bit daunting.
What would you change?
*still thinking*
Thoughts about clubs?
It's all about the yarn for me. I want delicious yarns before everyone else. and I want enough yarn to make socks that fit me and are tall. And the pattern needs to be engaging but not mind boggling. And no pattern errors!
What is it all about for you?

I'm interested in your answers. These are some thoughts that keep me up at night. Strange isn't it, but I like to take an idea to it's logical end sometimes. Help me get some sleep and post your answers in the comments or email me at knittingbrow(AT)gmail (d0T)com. Once I get 25 answers, I'll post the compiled answers. I am hopeful that it won't take too long to get 25 answers. *grin* Share as needed.

I think there are about 6 people who read my blog. I haven't figured out which blog traffic software to add to my blogger to track this. Any suggestions? The instructions need to be easy! Maybe we can meet for coffee and you can help me do it and I can buy you a coffee.


Matt said...

I like statcounter for my blog. it's a lot of fun to see when people from other countries are stalking me!

micah said...

I like the little map it draws. I'm getting weirdos from all over the world. I also like to see how they got to me...very interesting!!!

knittingbrow said...

I got the stat counter installed. Now I'm having trouble moving my domain name. It seems I need a different hosting. *gesh*
anyone good at this stuff? contact me, please!

Travis said...

What are you trying to do? I'm fairly good with computers, but have no experience at all with blogger. You've got my number if you want some help give me a call.

Cat said...

I answered your sock club questions on my blog. I know nothing about statcounters, etc.


Kent said...

Hey, just wondering :)

Since your knitting lots of socks, did you have a favorite pattern that has the perfect fit for your 'dimensions'?


Dave said...

I use sitemeter. It was a while ago, but as I recall, it installed quickly and easily.

Re Clubs: I think my biggest problem with them is that, since the majority of knitters are female, the majority of colours coming out are more female oriented. i.e. lots of pinks and purples and yellows. I'd love to find a club that had different types of yarns, in different weights, in more sedate colours.

Interlacements: I have some in stash but haven't used it yet. I took a peek at the club page. I think seems a bit expensive, perhaps?