Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Knitters Connection 2007

You can see some of the photos of people and yarn I experienced while at Knitters Connection in 2007. It was amazing.

there are stories to tell and all of them fun and humorous.

I had several "brushes with greatness" I saw LimeNViolet. I hung out with them in the evenings. I got to be their "bitch" while they were podcasting. They even signed my body. I got this reality style photo of Miss Violet and Me. These are people that I want to knit with again. I also got to meet "sideshow husband" who is a really nice guy. And I didn't get a picture of me with both Lime and Violet.

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KayInNewMexico said...

I am soooo jealous cuz I couldn't be there! It would have been so good to see you again in the middle of all that yarn... But eat your heart out; in October I am driving back to the Great Midwest with a friend to go to S.O.A.R.!!