Wednesday, June 20, 2007

KnitSB and Red Robin and mundane stuff.

KnitSB and Red Robin
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So KnitSB and I went to dinner at the local red R0b1n for dinner on Tuesday. The scary bird came our way and I wanted to take this picture with the two of them.

KnitSB and I were out buying an air conditioner. He's got some allergy troubles and reactions to heat. Sinus stuff too. *insert icky sounds of nose blowing here* We installed the air conditioner tonight.

While were were out, I found some wire crates that I'll be able to put together and move our yarn from containers so they can be out. I like this motivation >I see it, I want to knit it<
We got 8 sets of 6 crates for a total of 48 crates. And I might be able to get 6 more spaces in the display units if I work it out properly. These will be good for the baskets I have of yarn. These will go in the large foyer.

We continue to clear clutter in the house and organize. Tuesday, we were looking for a unit to hold all the CDs we have in the house. We've seen a few nice set ups that are close, but not perfect. We need to hold about 1200 CDs. We'd like it behind doors. KnitSB likes the idea of glass doors. We'll find it. Of course, the "footprint" needs to be small.

My Rockin' Sock Club shipment came today! I'll post a picture Thursday. I've been thinking about sock clubs. I've got some questions to ask!


knitsb said...

You really did post that pic! I thought you were joking. LOL Yeah, the big bird attacked. He was kinda cute don't you think??? Next time, I'll have him sing to you!!!!!!

knittingbrow said...

Yes, I really did post the picture! No, I don't think "he" was cute because I think it was a "she"

suffer the consequences of making it sing to me. suffer.