Sunday, June 10, 2007

What an amazing two weeks. (abridged)

I went to TNNA when it was in Columbus.
Took a crochet class from Melissa Leapman. Apparently, my grandmother taught me to crochet and I completely don't remember.
I walked around the exhibits.
I started a new position at my place of employment. A great change.
I worked at Knitters Connection.
I got to listen to Lime and (Violet) do a podcast. I got to be Lime & Violet's "bitch" while in they were in town. You know... bring coffee, bake cookies, etc.
Got to hang out with them over a few drinks.
Met some really great vendors at Knitters Connection, including Yarn Love, Chameleon Color Works, Interlacements amongst others. Continued my great connection with the fab team at Cider Moon.
More later and pictures too!


Matt said...

Man, I should have delayed my vaca an extra week........

Cat said...

Great blog entries - you're post-dating again, aren't you? You go for weeks w/o a real post then I check in and all the sudden it's like I've had the wrong link to your site or something. LOL Way to confuse a Cat! Was great to see you again and hang last night. Smoochies!

Travis said...

It was fun hangin with you! We'll have to do it sometime when things aren't so crazy.

I've got some pics up here...