Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lopi Sweater Redux

After finishing the Tahoe Vest, I picked this Lopi Sweater back up to spend some time on figuring out the next steps so I could finish the last 40-some-odd rows of the yoke and call this a finished object.  Lopi Sweater troubles happened on a fishing trip back in 2007.  I blogged about them here if you'd like to see what happened.  I'll wait here, you go look. It's been 4 years and one week since I put this sweater away. I pulled the project out of the bag and reviewed the pattern notes. 

Lopi Sweater notes
I had lots of notes and working copies. I did have one very important piece of paper, an enlarged copy of the chart filled with handwritten notes. On the top of this page, I wrote these notes:
Lopi Sweater Notes Detail
I'm glad I remembered to do this. This was a great idea from my former pattern design and fashion construction professor in college. "If you understand the mistake you've made, take notes about it so you know were you left off when you go back to the design." 
As I reviewed the notes, I realized where the problem occurred.  I had two different pattern instructions with me and was referring to the wrong sections.  I've since removed the non-essential pattern so I can use the proper pattern.

Tonight, I pulled out the knitted 16 yoke rows and put all the stitches back on the needle.  I will count the total stitches so I can work the pattern properly. 

The pattern is #5 from the Reynolds Lopi 82228, Fashions Inspired by Tradition pamphlet. (rav link) The Ravelry link to my project is here. I read on Ravelry this is a very loose sweater.

Now I'm thinking I'd like to make this into a cardigan.  I wonder if I can do this without frogging.  I think I can and will review my design options. I'll be using steeks again. :)

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