Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Weekend Show & Socks

Ever get a great idea for a hand knitted gift and wonder if you have enough time to complete them? What am i thinking? Of course you have. MMC helped me decide what type of socks I could knit for NS as a thank you. I didn't know NS's shoe size but understood he had small feet. I decided on a brightly colored yarn in a heavier weight yarn so I could finish the pair in a week.
The yarn is Interlacements Yarns Toasty Toes in a bright colors from the Interactive Sock Gang back in 2006(?).

I love knitting with this yarn on US size 3 DPNs. I have more Toasty Toes in stash and I will be knitting it up soon in vanilla socks. I think the colors do all the work for me.

I did my gauge swatch and found I'm knitting at 6 sts/inch. I'm using (Saint) Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns for the standard sock pattern. I found out the person has a size 6 1/2 to 7 shoe size and adjusted my knitting accordingly. By Sunday afternoon, I had finished the leg portion and started the heel flap.

Sunday I saw Jersey Boys on its national tour. I thought the show was enjoyable. I snapped this photo of the stage when we arrived early.

I was picking up the gusset sts as the show started

As of Monday night, the gussets have been knit. I think this is great progress. I will get these socks completed by Thursday night so I can gift them on Friday.


Lupie said...

Love your blog/vlog.
So many vlog I've seen have people going on and on about nothing. You are well spoken, interesting and informative.
You also blog which is well written and has good pictures.
Thank you for doing it right.

Robin said...

That Toasty Toes is great stuff, perfect for Vanilla Socks!