Monday, August 29, 2011

Dressed for stage and screen

Saturday I traveled to see the Katharine Hepburn "Dressed for Stage and Screen" exhibit at Kent State's Museum. My BFF Songferret suggested we see the exhibit and I was glad we went.

I have forgotten how much i enjoy fashion design, especially those details that make a garment extra special. The waistband back that is open at the top:

Securing a pocket with extra stitching details so they don't pull:

Selecting the perfect button to sew on the outside of a quilted waistband:

and the practicality of two smaller buttons so the waistband lays flat:

Katharine had a small waist She wore a lot of plants/slacks/trousers How they displayed some of these slacks were pleasing to me and I snapped this picture.

Those are all made of wool.

There were a few other exhibits on display that we viewed. We had lunch at a local greek place, shopped (I bought another knitting bag & 2 knitting tackle bags...don't tell DH) and drove casually home (via the lodi outlet mall.)

Overall, it was a long drive for a smaller exhibits than I expected but still an enjoyable day. Spending BFF time is always fun!

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Cat said...

Kate really did have amazing style. Impeccable. Thanks for sharing these pics!