Friday, August 5, 2011

iPod Surgery

Three weeks back I dropped my iPod. It hit facedown from about 4 feet.

Once I started breathing,
I tried to get it to start working. It didn't work. I got a blank, white screen. And I continue to have the blank, white screen even after I've reset the device following the Apple recommended guidelines (probably 30 times).

I've come to terms that my 5 year old 60 GB iPod classic is gone and won't be replaced for awhile. I'm making other accommodations to cope.

I decided to explore the inside of an iPod.

After pulling it apart, my brother suggested that the LCD screen may not be the problem. It could be the hard drive. He is getting an adapter to check.

This might not fix anything but it is fun to play. Anyone have ideas on what creative thing I could do with a busted iPod?

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