Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wizard's Yard Sale

I had an opportunity to go to the opening of the Wizard's Yard Sale exhibit at the Starbrick Gallery in Nelsonville, Ohio.Gallery Announcement
(click to embiggen the image and be sure to read his bio. He really does have a fondness for cookies. )

Here's the Wizard's Chair where he does all his creating.
Wizard's Chair
I love this chair and I'm surprised at how comfortable it is to sit in.  If I had this chair, I promise I would use my powers for Good, not Evil.  :)

I spotted these cupboards and fell in love.  I think they would perfectly flank a bathroom mirror. 
CupboardsCupboards Open

It was a lovely time driving down with Lady Julie and Songferret. Got to have dinner with Trixie and enjoy each others company.  Paul gave me a necklace he made from waxed linen. It's lovely and knitSB is a bit jealous. 

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