Thursday, May 19, 2005

What Vivian Hoxbro Do You Have?

The RAINBOW Jacket in color 11, thanks for asking.
KnitMary was looking at the picture of my stash. Her keen eye immediately sees the kit and asked me about it via email. No, I've not started it yet. I don't know when I will start it to be honest. I bought it in November or end of last year because it was a good price and the colors are great and nice design and it is rainbow.
What are these things called? � *wondering*
I called Schoolhouse Press today because I wanted to make sure I understand the Surprise Jacket pattern. Guess who I got to talk too? You got it. The question about the pattern was passed to none other than Meg Swansen. She's so charming and enjoys having her designs appreciated. She answered all my questions so I can begin knitting on the sweater. (I really didn't want to make a mistake and frogging out the work. I happened to mention KnitMary's excitement of her yarn arrival ("UPS is a wonderful thing" KnitMary says). Meg gushed that KnitMary's idea to do the Celtic Swirl in natural colors is so good she wanted to knit another one for herself.
I'm meeting KnitMary on Saturday to see the yarn and then stop by the new shop. A report will be posted on Saturday.

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