Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Blueberry Scarf in Noro

I've been swatching for a new project. I'm itching for something on the somewhat challenging but meditative to knit using yarn from my stash.
I've done two swatches for this pattern from the book the Little Box of Scarves I received for Christmas 2005. (fun little book, it actually has about 5 scarves that I would consider knitting). The first swatch didn't work well because I cast on too many sts. I had 43 sts going and the scarf was just too wide. Now I'm using the 27 sts, which is a nice size, but the feel isn't very appealing. I'm using Noro Kuryeon on one size too small of needles. My color is 32, which is discontinued. The feel of the yarn is tight and I'm afraid that the yarn won't soften up and be cuddly when it's on.
I may just need to change yarns (or needle size for that matter). I've been using the yarn for a Elizabeth Zimmermann Ribwarmer pattern but haven't gone back to the design in awhile. And I've gotten the "Ribwarmer" revisted that gives a few more options. I sense frogging in my future, don't you?
What do you suggest I knit?
A few more suggestions for "Name My Blog" have arrived from Abby. Soul Skein and Me & Hue. Both very nice. What did you suggest? Remember, the prize...a hand knit scarf!

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