Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Quick Stop and Surprise Help

I've been knitting on the Surprise Baby Jacket by EZ. I got to a certain point in the pattern and my brain started to short circuit. It didn't make sense. I'm supposed to bind off stitches and then continue to add them and knit extra ridges? So, I stopped by Knitter's Mercantile to ask Sallie for some help. Funny what she said. "Just do what it says and stop looking ahead." Okay, i'm thinking.... I might have to call School House Press and confirm what I think is being done. I hoped to have the jacket done by Sunday, but I'm thinking I'll enjoy working on it slowly.
I did finish the baby booties that are knitted out of the same yarn. I must admit, I didn't enjoy finishing those booties. All that easing of the toes and such. I like knitting in the round. Must find good bootie patterns knit in the round. Any suggestions? (really, I'd like to avoid ever knitting flat booties again)
I continue on the wonderful Blueberry Scarf out of Noro close to color 131. I went back and adjusted the needle size to a 9. A little better overall. It is a sturdy scarf and exactly what I needed, to be able to knit something without having to think but not be totally void of challenge. I was able to get the pattern down after the first skein. I like it.
I'm considering knitting a cotton t-shirt for summer. I'm thinking of knitting it in the round and making it a yoke pattern. Something light, slightly oversized and comfortable. Of course, it would need to be in a good color. I have skeins of some cotton classic yarn, but probably not quite enough. Must avoid buying more yarn, must avoid buying more yarn, must avoid....
I did stop at the Yarn Shop two Saturdays ago and looked at some yarn there. She didn't have enough in stock for me and was going to order more. I've not heard back. Not a good sign, really. On a good note, they've expanded their first store. I've not been in awhile. I'll have to correct this in the future.
Seems like a new shop has opened. Heavenly Creations, LLC Yarn & Fiber Shop. I'll have to stop by. Care to join me KnitMary?
Speaking of KnitMary, she had a great experience talking to School House Press! She actually got to talk to Meg. I'll have to ask KnitMary if I can post her email.

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