Monday, September 14, 2009

Colonnade Shawl Progress 1

The new fall knitty is out.
It has the Colonnade Shawl pattern by Stephen West (aka westknits)
The pattern is a perfect fit for a gift for my favorite barista at work. We chatted about a knitted item for her last fall. I did buy the yarn but a gift never got made.

I cast on for the shawl on Saturday night. I made great progress on it while knitSB and I enjoyed Hetty Wainthropp Investigates. I'm using larger needles than called for in the pattern, size 13's and I'm pleased with how the knitting is going. The picture shows the progress as of Sunday morning.
Colonnade progress 1
My Ravelry project details can be found here.
I really like the colors together. I didn't have enough of the Shepherds Shades to complete the st st part of the pattern, so I just moved into using the Lamb's Pride Worsted. I'm holding Kidsilk Haze as I knit the shawl. I wanted to add a bit of "glow," warmth and softness to the shawl. I'm pleased how the color I used gives an overall tone to the shawl. There have been a few times when I've needed to drop down and pick up the Kidsilk Haze because I didn't complete the stitch with both yarns. It's been easy to complete on the st st.

We were watching another Hetty episode when I lost count of where I was on the pattern repeat. That will teach me not to put a sticky note somewhere on my working pattern. I missed an increase on one side of the center. I wasn't able to drop down and make the necessary corrections, so I frogged the work back to before the lace edging started. I never thought I would need a lifeline but I guess I did. The picture doesn't correctly show my progress after the frogging. I don't have any lace pattern now.

I should be able to get more of the knitting completed this week. I'll post some progress photos as I take them (or remember to take them.)

p.s. if you know my barista, don't let her know. :)

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Jim Brochowski said...

I promise I won't tell. Very cool that you're doing that for Fallon!