Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Angie's Karius is all fini...(

Well, as much care as I take on my knitting, it happened.
Watch the video, it will all make sense.
And it has a happy ending, really.

The previous post about this project can be found here.


Kay in New Mexico said...

OMG, yes. I can identify. The very first time I entered a triangular shawl (with the center "spine" stitch down the middle) in competition, the judge noted that it was "...a very well-done piece, nicely blocked, and good use of color and material. This would have been a blue-ribbon entry, if only you had not had the dropped stitch..." and there was the dropped stitch, halfway down in that single stockinette spine. And the judge had thoughtfully put a split-ring marker in it so I could fix it. Boy, was I ever embarrassed. I thought I had looked carefully at every square inch when I blocked it... Hoooo boy.

Cat said...

That was hilarious! Very genuine. You know , , , you could edit and not use stuff, but I love that you kept it and then showed the repaired mistake. Love it! I also like how the scarf's colors so delightfully mimic the colors of the field in which you were standing. Out standing in your own field?