Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pirates Don't Tuck

Pirates Don't Tuck
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Here's an action photo of the cast for How I Became A Pirate rehearsing the song "Pirates Don't Tuck." It's the song about the kid who is a new pirate on a ship and misses the routine of being tucked in at bedtime. Their voices sound quite good together. 

We start working on the choreography on Tuesday. What will be fun is having the cast keep the great vocals going while moving around on stage. If you saw yesterday's post, there are quick pirate-y moves throughout the entire show. I smile a great deal while watching the work being done. It's a good script with wonderful songs being acted by talented actors under the brilliant direction by Nancy.

I am currently knitting a pirate hat for McGee. I'm about halfway finished with the simple K2 P2 hat. I'll definitely post a picture of the pirate with the hat. He's a ham and will provide a great pose for the blog. I'm having fun!  Thanks for reading about the show.      

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